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Default I forgot... Where was I?

Hi guys!

This might be a strange question but I just re-opened my guild wars account after six years of inactivity. (Yes, halls of monuments)

I thought I'd see if I could do anything with my characters for GW2. Now I have a lvl 20 Ranger/monk build and the game started outside elona's reach with the quest to carry a stone and kill minotaurs. Now, I know I was there farming the minotaurs... But, other then that I'm blank. I tried using the quests I had, but those we're lvl 12 quests. Is there anyway to jump back in with my char on a lvl 20 quest that's high and near the endgame of the original guild wars? I just want to finish the game, but i've been out so long that I basicly have no idea what I'm doing or where I'm supposed to be doing it

Any help would be appreciated!
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I'm fairly certain all you have to do is complete the Elona Reach mission, (by clicking the "enter mission" button while in Elona Reach). After that, the game should dump you back in augury rock. You'll then have to travel to the next two desert missions, dunes of despair and thirsty river, unless you've already completed them.

I think everything is pretty straightforward after that. There are primary quests associated with traveling to new mission outposts, but it's been so long since I've taken a new character through a campaign that I can't remember any of the primary quests. But yeah, following primary quests should get you where you need to go.
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To find out what you need to do next at any point in proph you can ....
get the map by pressing M.
Look for a 'glowing' pin - this is the nest mission you need to complete.
If there is no glowing pin check the mission outpost names against the list here
The last outpost in this list that you have on the map is the last mission you did.
Now use the same page to check the primary quests, you should be about to do one of these, and the quest chain will take you to the next mission.

If you are indeed at the desert missions (Dunes of Despair, Thirsty River, Elona Reach) you can do these in any order and there is no obvious quest chain to discover them but you may well find someone to run you to the outposts.

Good Luck
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Old Jul 07, 2012, 10:59 AM // 10:59   #4
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Alright, thanks a lot! I noticed you can hire people to go with you now. Is this a valid way to get through the content of is it impossible unless you team up? Basicly everyone I played with is gone, so
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If you have Factions/Nightfall or EOTN you can go there and grab yourself some heroes to help you along , other than that hit me up in game and I will lend a hand if I am free :-)
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