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akelarumi's advice is pretty spot-on. I would add that, upon arrival to Kaineng, I would do Imperial Guardsman Linro's quest Sunspears in Cantha. It can be a somewhat difficult quest for a newbie, but as long as you push your henchmen into battle ahead of you, you should be able to get through it with the party of 8 the zone allows. This will allow travel to Nightfall, where you can pick up a handful of heroes pretty easily. It just makes sense to have them in your back pocket so you can load them up and level them when receiving the very generous quest rewards from Factions (do the actual questing with henchmen, though, since fresh heroes have sucky skills).
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thx akelarumi that will be very helpful for me as newbie
just one thing where can i find henchman?
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I know we have been in touch in game. but to answer it here too. Henchman you get in every town (you can add them to your party when pressing p, and then go the henchman tab). The kind of henchman and the level of them differs from outpost to outpost. In the same window you can also use the tab hero's to add hero's, but those need unlocking on certain points in the game.

The first location is outside of lion's arch (you need to be lvl 10 to unlock him). The others are unlocked in nightfall and Eye of the North.

Actually there is also one unlocked in prophecy's and three in factions. For the the one in prophecy's and the one in factions you need to take a quest available in nightfall, those two are basicly rewards for owing both campaigns (resp prophecy's and nightfall or factions and nightfall). The other two in factions are a reward for ending winds of change (one for doing it in normal mode, the other in hard mode). These however is a sequence of quest for very experienced players and not interesting for people who are just starting.
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