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Question Need help to get started

Good morning guys & girls,

I just wanted to ask a few questions about GW & GW2 alright, here we go -

do i have to buy the game & the other expansion to be able to play unlimited? or is it any "fee" each month like WoW?

Which is the lvl cap in game?
How many breeds/classes is it?
any good graphics with out the sickest computer?
how is the player activity? or is it pretty alone when you´re questing?
about questing is it grind lvling or quest lvling?
is it hard to become "good" in this game without paying some huge amount of money?....

Thanks! appreciate it!
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Old Jul 10, 2012, 09:41 AM // 09:41   #2
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First of all this is the forum for gw, but I'll try and answer it as much as possible.

Both GW and GW2 won't have monthly fee's. as far as GW1 goes, beside the 3 campaigns and the expansion there a few things you can buy extra. mostly they are cosmetic and don't give any ingame advantage. If they give an advantage it is very minor and if you don't get it (like me) you won't feel being left out.

GW1 only have humans and core 6 classes (wich come with any of the three campaigns). those are warrior (melee/tank), Elementarier (caster/nuker), Necromancer (caster/nuker or crowd control), Mesmer (caster/crowd control), Monk (healer) and ranger (bowman).

The 2th campaign called factions comes with two extra ones: Assasin (ninja) and Ritualist (caster/healer/crowd control/buffer). The 3th campaign called nightfall comes with dervish (melee/scythe user/buffer/debuffer) and paragon (spear thrower using shoots to buff and prot).

You can start in any of the three campaigns (but not in the expansion), the assasin and rit can only be started in factions, the dervish and paragon only in nightfall.

lvl-cap in GW is lvl 20 and getting there is considered tutorial. This game is different then most mmorpg's cause the focus is on the skills you bring. you can only bring 8 skills, as you progress through the story you unlock new skills, but you can never fight with more then 8 (to switch you have to go to a town). The game is 8 years old and was made for average pc's then. Graphics are therefore very low but that also makes it very playable on almost every pc or laptop. I've been playing for over 4 years now and I'm still enjoying myself. Keep in mind that besides towns and outposts the game is fully instanced. So no random encounters with other players when you on the field (you can play with others but you have to group up in an outpost or a town.

So for the price you get a lot of game, the three campaigns cost 25 euro (for all three!), and the expansion another 15 euro.

Keep in mind though that at august 28th GW2 will come out. This is a totally new game, with open envirements (so you can meet other players while playing), new classes and a totally new concept. The cost-structure will be the same (though it is a new game so you have to pay bout 60 dollar). You don't need to pay anymore to keep on playing (although I expect they come with expansions, like in gw1). It will be playable on average computers (if you bought a computer the last year your very likely be ok). If you want to know more bout it you might want to start with watching the mmo-manifesto. This described their mission when they created the game. You find it here:
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Old Jul 10, 2012, 10:59 AM // 10:59   #3
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So instead of waste 25 dollar on GW1 and the chapters, should i wait for GW2?.
because GW1 won´t affect anything in the -new- game anyway?
or do they still belong to eachother so if i buy the GW1 & chapters" will they assembled and make the old classes play able?

or when I buy the new game (GW2), do i revice the classes and races in return?
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Old Jul 10, 2012, 12:24 PM // 12:24   #4
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they are not linked to gether at all except on 3 points.
1: your account (you can login with the same username and password)
2: your charactername (but soon the list will be made of transferable characternames, and you need to claim it on the first day)
3: through dedication you can unlock certain weapons and armor in gw2. this takes however a lot of work and they already stated that though those things are unique for people who played both games, the result is mainly cosmetic.

Is it worth it to play GW1? yes for now it is and its good populated due to the upcoming release. but you don't need it for GW2
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I would also say that the story from GW1 (in particular Prophecy and the follow up content in War in Kryta (WiK)/Hearts of the North (HotN)) is really great. WiK and HotN (and other "beyond" content) is meant to bridge the gap from GW1--GW2, so if you are in to lore or a good story at all, it may well be worth it. I'm fairly new to GW and absolutely adored the Prophecy/beyond story. :-)

Best of luck.
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