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Old Jul 06, 2012, 07:54 PM // 19:54   #1
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Default Need experienced help, what challenges am I missing?

Hi Everyone!

First of all, thanks so much for reading. What I would like to know from some more experienced players is if I am missing any interesting/cool things to do in the game. I am loving the game, but it is quite overwhelming starting so late into it.

I am a new GW player (about 5 months?) and have been working through the game as well as I can. Although I am not really in it for the HoM, I figured that might help orient you as to how far along I am, so the link is here: Melisma Maeby .

I have completed all three campaigns and done WiK and HotN. I play a Monk/Assassin AP caller and I only play with Heroes....not because I don't like people, I love people! I just don't want to inflict my newbie-ness on others. . Currently I am working my way through the dungeon book (I enjoy the challenge) and doing a bit of vanquishing when I need some extra plat! I am looking for new challenges while I try to fill out the last couple of HoM points (if I decide to play GW2, it will be as a ranger and that raven skin looks pretty). I tried to do DoA, but that was a little bit too tricky for me with my team of heroes.

Are there any dugeons/areas/new challenges aside from the above that I might be able to conquer with my heroes? Also, is the WoC content interesting? I really loved the story with WiK and HotN, but when I read through the wiki WoC seemed quite long!

And most importantly, for the long term vets (or heck, newbs too!) what is the coolest thing about GW that I should be sure to try/see/conquer.

Thanks again for reading :-D

-Melisma Maeby
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Old Jul 06, 2012, 08:22 PM // 20:22   #2
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The coolest thing in GW would be PvP, although nowadays it's not as nice as it used to be. Still something to try, imo.

In PvE, you can do Fissure of Woe quite easily (just follow the quests, look on the wiki when in doubt, take your time), maybe Urgoz's Warren and the Deep if you are willing to put the effort. Underworld and DoA are quite tricky with heroes, especially for a "new" player.

WoC is a nice challenge. Quite long, but some quests are interesting. Normal mode is relatively easy if you have a decent teambuild for your heroes. It won't help much with your HoM, although you will get a fair amout of gold (and rare materials later) as quests rewards.

Have fun
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Old Jul 06, 2012, 08:39 PM // 20:39   #3
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Yeah, try out some of the more casual PvP like Jade Quarry or Fort Aspenwood. You could even earn enough amber or jade to stick a Kurzick or Luxon armor in your Hall.

Urgoz' Warren and The Deep are pretty fun and quite memorable, but since party size is 12, you'll need to group up with at least one other player. Make sure you read the wiki article on the area before you go in, since there are definitely some "gotchas" waiting if you don't go in prepared. Urgoz is actually coming up as the Zaishen Bounty in a few days, so it should be easy to find a PUG. A rather inept friend of mine was able to PUG Urgoz not too long ago, so don't worry about dragging the team down with any newbie-ness. As long as you read up and follow the party leader's directions you should be fine.
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Old Jul 06, 2012, 09:16 PM // 21:16   #4
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Ooh, more casual PvP sounds perfect. Jade Quarry/Fort Aspenwood are definitely things that I missed. Thanks for the suggestion!

Thanks for the heads up on the bounty for Urgoz, I did step in there and got to the fire flowers before imploding from my own stupidity. :-) A question, since I've never grouped before in the there a particular role Monks play within a player group (I assume healing is one)..I have been using an AP caller monk build with my heroes, but I assume that's only good with them.. I read a lot of the wiki and follow directions OK, so I guess I have that going for me!
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Old Jul 07, 2012, 01:35 PM // 13:35   #5
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Trying to do DOA/UW nm will be a challenge, even having read guides and whatnot they can still be quite tough, and if you want to challenge yourself even more you can try them in HM. The Titan quests you get from finishing Prophecies can be quite fun, and you unlock HM versions of them when you finish. The same can be said of the Villany of Galrath thread.

In Terms of Winds of Change, i found it to be a decent quest fluffed out by 2 monotonous quests. The end part of the chain is pretty decent, its just a long haul to get there. In my opinion its not the same level of quality as War in Kryta.

There's Actually a few decent hidden away quest lines in the game that may be fun to do. In a group role, you'll be generally playing Healer, occasionally playing a nuker with a RoJ build.

Have you done Sorrow's Furnace? I really like the quest chain and area, but it can seem quite easy now(it's very old content)

I've spent alot of my time ingame as a Dungeon Speedclearer/Soloer, and i can tell you that its almost like a whole new game itself, but it may not be to everyone's tastes. It could be fun to try however, and i'd be happy to give you an introduction to it in-game.

You've got Tombs Of the Primeval Kings to have a go at as-well, and whiel the rewards are very so-so it can be fun to complete.
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Old Jul 10, 2012, 04:25 PM // 16:25   #6
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Hi Sinny,

Thanks so much for the thoughtful reply. I never would have found the Titan Quests otherwise.

DoA is very hard, but I am making some progress and I was able to go make it through Sorrow's Furnance.

Which dungeons do you solo? That sounds like a real challenge..
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