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Old Jul 20, 2012, 12:23 AM // 00:23   #1
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Question Remains Sahlahja Challenge

Guess Ill ask someone who may know since I cant really seem to find the info diff. sites say diff. things ... for me to get the armour drop do I kill mad or lost souls ?

I believe the wiki says mad and somewhere on here and I think other sites Ive been to say lost

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Old Jul 20, 2012, 12:33 AM // 00:33   #2
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At one point lost souls would drop the armor but it was a glitch and was fixed.
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Old Jul 20, 2012, 01:12 AM // 01:12   #3
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thank u - least i know im killing the right ones, even if they havent dropped me anything ;( *i think they hate me*
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Old Jul 20, 2012, 01:15 AM // 01:15   #4
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have got the 5 needed yet? generally once you get the minimum need to equip all the characters heroes they stop dropping.
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Old Jul 20, 2012, 07:05 AM // 07:05   #5
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Sadly still got nothing so I move on to getting Cloth of the Brotherhood for friends & guildies (i try an mix up what i do so i dont drained on doing the samething)
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Old Jul 20, 2012, 07:36 AM // 07:36   #6
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Mad souls will give you armour. Just don't worry about the drops and play to win, to get the best score, that way you'll have fun and get the armour at the same time.
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Old Jul 20, 2012, 07:44 AM // 07:44   #7
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I need to Catog this bit and it frustrates me beyond belief. Any decent tips on how to do it?
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Old Jul 20, 2012, 10:22 AM // 10:22   #8
not so much fell as.....
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Uzur89 keep trying - I seemed to get drops once I got a certain score and then when I improved a little.

gteddie - this is from the old wiki (remember how frustrating it was to cartog this)

If you are just here for cartographer purposes, just take speed buffs. Get your first 15 points and go through the opened door, use junundu tunnel and map all you can in the wurm, then go to the rocky area and use speed buffs to stay out of range of maddened spirits. The locked areas open in random order, thus you can restart the mission for a chance to map another area. Depending on how carefully you have mapped other parts of Elona, a minimum of one area must be unlocked and mapped to reach 100% cartographer.
Using a Blue Rock Candy will allow you to move at the same speed as the Maddened Spirits. If you use one at the start of the mission after getting into a wurm it will not be removed and will likely last for the entire mission (you will most likely have killed all the Greater Infestations by the time it runs out).
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Old Jul 20, 2012, 10:46 AM // 10:46   #9
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I found this the most irritating one of the three challenge missions. The given tips are ok, just to be sure there is an alternative (doing DoA). A guild that regular does speedclears in Doa might be willing to teach you how to do it. Beside the needed armorpieces you'll also get tormented weapons (and if thats full you can sell them for money). Both are hard, but I found DoA more entertaining then that challenge mission where I was very close a few times to break my keyboard.

@gteddie, Like being said, get bout 10-15 blue rock candy's and go in using the candy at the start. start like you normally would till the first gate opens then rush in and explore that part. There are 4 parts in total, so after that just rezone and repeat. If a door opens to an area that you already got just rezone again. Depending how lucky you are (in getting the right random door to open for you) you should have done it in bout 10-15 times.

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Old Jul 20, 2012, 02:02 PM // 14:02   #10
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I'm going to offer another bit of advice: this challenge mission is Pacman. If you can think of it that way, and if you are reasonably good at Pacman, you'll do well here:
  • There are small-point bits everywhere (the regular Infestations here, the small dots in Pacman)
  • There are larger bits that do not respawn (the Greater Infestations here, the large dots in Pacman)
  • There are extra bits that spawn rarely and offer lots of points (the Lost Souls here, the Fruits in Pacman)
  • There are ghosts that follow you, can kill you in a few hits, and that become vulnerable after you eat the above larger bits
  • Finally, the entire thing is played in a maze
Unlike Pacman, however, you've got a time limit of sorts here, even if you avoid the Ghosts: the constant -1 health degeneration. This means that even if you avoid the ghosts' Poke of Dewm, you'll eventually run out of hp if you just keep running around. To counter this, use skill 5 (Junundu Tunnel) and then skill 3 (Junundu Bite) on an enemy to heal yourself for 500 hp. While you can use it on any enemy, I'd recommend prioritizing the regular Infestations, as they respawn. If you do this, and if you don't let yourself get backed into a corner, you can basically continue to wrack up points very slowly until you get sick of playing.
To get hero armors, you'll need a slightly different tactic. As noted above, hero armors in this mission dropped solely from Maddened Spirits. My best strategy is as follows:
  1. At the start, get in a wurm and then find your nearest Greater Infestation.
  2. Bite it once, but do NOT kill it. We basically want it at 1-hit-kill level.
  3. Kill some nearby regular Infestations while you wait for a Maddened Spirit to spawn.
  4. As soon as the Maddened Spirit spawns, finish off the Greater Infestation.
  5. Use Junundu Tunnel, and then Junundu Bite on the Maddened Spirit. This'll KD him right from the start and take off a large chunk of hp.
  6. Once he's dead, move onto the next Greater Infestation, hurt it a bit, and repeat the process.
  7. There are around 4 Greaters in the center area, so after they're dead, you'll have to repeat the process at whichever gate(s) is (are) open.
  8. Finally, try not to let too many Maddened Spirits bunch up around you, even while you're under Spirit Form. They can still kill you.
I'd also mention that the armors don't actually drop. I wasn't sure if you're aware of that, but do make sure to check your inventory every so often.
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