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Old Jul 14, 2012, 05:17 PM // 17:17   #1
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Default Dealing with unidentified golds

So, I know this should probably go in ventaris, but the mass of rules there scares me a little. Anyhow, new-ish player here, been playing since mid-june, working on trying to get (close to) GWAMM in the couple of months before GW2.

Anyhow, I've picked up 63 unidentified golds though vanquishing etc. What's the quickest way to sort through the junk to find what's valuable so that I can get some more money towards drunkard?

Cheers m'dears.
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Old Jul 14, 2012, 06:55 PM // 18:55   #2
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For the most part it'll be merch fodder. If you salvage any "Measure for Measure" inscriptions and add them to items you know you'll get granite from, that'd be good.

Non-max mods are not worth anything really. If in doubt, ask your guildies to help you, you can show them the items in the trade window.
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Old Jul 14, 2012, 06:56 PM // 18:56   #3
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I'd say that unless they're rare skins just sell them as unid golds for about 700g/each to people going for the wisdom title. Or, if you plan on going for the wisdom title yourself, ID them, salvage off and sell any valuable mods, and sell to merchant.
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Old Jul 15, 2012, 07:55 AM // 07:55   #4
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Drunkard title is much easier to get than the wisdom title (ID-ing 10,000 golds is a lot)... I assume that all unid's are common items (so not worth a lot) i think its best to sell them for 700g each... that way you can buy some alcohol (63 * 7 = 441 when bought at 100g each).

To be sure you dont sell anything worth a lot of money you may want to compare your items with this list... selling a q9 crystalline, bds, vs, etc for 700g would be silly :P
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Old Jul 15, 2012, 09:57 AM // 09:57   #5
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First of all, as long as there is a change you can use parts I would ID them. So if your looking for sword mods id the swords. If you need good staff's for heroes, id those. If you need armor-upgrades, then id armor upgrades (well always id armor upgrades, some of them are just to valuable).

If your absolutly certain that there is no way a weaon can have the mod you need you can sell them for 700 gold. If there is change your needed mod is there, ID it and if it doesn't have the desired mod, then sell it to the merchant (unless it is a valuable mod that you already have off course.

How to know what you need? Check the wiki page for weapon/armor upgrades and insiginia's.

How to know what is valuable? This can be hard for a new player but don't worry bout it too much. If in doubt you can always check the price check forum here or go to kamadan aed and watch the party search if one is selling it and for how much. I think everyone have sold atleast 2 valuable items on accident to the merchant when they where a newbe. Without falling you will never learn.
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Old Jul 18, 2012, 10:21 AM // 10:21   #6
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Check on GWestimator for weapons/mods/inscriptions.

Or you could sell them unidentified. 5 for 7k or is it 7 for 5k

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Old Jul 21, 2012, 12:01 AM // 00:01   #7
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I would not suggest simply merching things unless you already have a big stash of dough (i.e ecto stacks, high end items you can sell for gold, etc). People that usually advise that already have a ton of gold and gold equivalents. Unless that is you...and i would doubt it if you just started playing the are going to have to likely leverage evrything you get and maximize what you can get for it.

Identify everything, especially spears, shields, armor peices, focus items as the can yield high end inscriptions and/or mods which you can usually sell quickly (enchant spear mod goes for 10k, "forget me not" insc upwards of 30k, superior vigor runes 15-18k, etc). But even other weapons can yield mods/inscriptions that can get you 1-4k in a quick sale.

As far as the weapons/items themselves?

People will tell you to "merch" any and every inscribable item that isnt on the rare insc item list. Those people, pardon the expression, can wipe their characters butts with crumpled up ectos. If thats you, then wipe away.

But if not, you really need to learn what is valuable enough for a new player (you are NOT going to have perfect dual mod echovalds or crystallines or stacks of ectos at your disposal). You can use argos estimator as a rough guide on what something might be worth. A lot of people that have not made their riches already WILL pay 30k for a dragons breath wand, or 75-100k for a chaos axe, 40k for an inscribable emblazoned defender, 30k for an amethyst aegis, etc, etc, etc, and the list goes on.

Getting to GWAMM is going to be expensive and while its probably unlikely for a new player, with no current player backing them financially, you need to make sure you get as much as you can realistically of course for everything you get your hands on.

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