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Old Jul 05, 2012, 11:20 AM // 11:20   #1
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Exclamation Just started

Hi all,

I just started GW and i am aiming to get some points in HOM for the very cool items, but that's not why i got GW i got it mostly to see the lore.

any way the game is really different from what am used to in MMOs and all the guides and tips are really overwhelming for a new player like me.

would someone please get me on the right road for some points in HOM since i don't understand anything from the guides i saw ,

my char is lvl 13 now and am playing PRO R/E, i just arrived to lion arch, would really appreciate any help here .

Great thanx
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Old Jul 05, 2012, 11:57 AM // 11:57   #2
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Originally Posted by wasim470 View Post
would someone please get me on the right road for some points in HOM since i don't understand anything from the guides i saw
There's a reason for that. The HoM is to reward people who have been playing GW for years - a token for their appreciation that they can take into GW2. You can't just casually stroll in and expect be able to be getting rewards when you haven't really done anything.

I can't stick around to reply much longer so I'll just quote my reply to a very similar recent thread:

Originally Posted by Me
You've got two months before GW2 release, so forget about the HoM for a little bit and just focus on learning to play and getting on your feet in terms of skills and equipment. <snip>. I'd advise completing Prophecies first, then you can aim at the HoM. Perhaps look at a few of the other threads about 'omg GW2 how do I get points' and see which ones are easy to get.
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Old Jul 05, 2012, 02:02 PM // 14:02   #3
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First of all welcome. Secondly like marty said, forget bout the HoM. You can and will get some points by just playing the game, but most of it is a reward for long time dedication.

Second, you might want to look for a helpfull guild. when you go to lions arch you shouldn't have too much trouble finding one.

You didn't mention wich campaigns you got but lion's arch is a crossroad. All campaigns can be started and played at the same time. This however is somewhat confusing so best is to focus on only one at a time. On the other side it is a good plan to use your discovery of lion's arch to open up all campaigns you have the campaigns give you the following benefits on or shortly after arival.

Factions: the main town (kaineng center, you arrive there) gives access to max level armor and bout 80% of all regular skills in the campaign and alsmot all core skills. So having that town open is a big plus.

Nightfall: on arrival you get access to some low level heroes. Beside that the main town (Kamadan, you arrive there) functions as the marketplace in GW (GW doesn't have a marketplace or auction house, but traders made Kamadan the main trading hub. therefor it is also nicknamed Spamadan. To get to nightfall you need to do a small quest that can be difficult for a new player. so you might want to grab the benefits from eye of the north and factions first so your better armed for it. if still in need you can always sent me a pm on here (im in europe) with your ingame name and I come and help you as soon as I can.

Eye of the north. On arrival in boreal station you get 2 max level heroes (see my note bout heroes though). You can also buy max level armor here (as well as in factions, but the looks can be different). Beside that you get a hero-training quest (basicly explaining how to control hero's) that rewards a max level weapon. To get to this outpost you need a quest that is simple but you might want to check my not bout the wiki below. A bit further in (bout 2-3 groups you have to fight) you arrive at the outpost Eye of the north where also your Hall of Monuments (HoM) is. you get some points and items on arrival for GW2 and a third max level hero.

note bout heroes: Heroes can be very good and therefor you can pack your team full of heroes. However they are as good as you make them and you need to invest in them to make them really good. As yourself you need to get them skills, weapons and armor upgrades. at the point you are at right now in game you can make a difference by bringin one or two heroes (specially the max level ones from eye of the north) but the henchman are actually better, so take 1-2 of them to make them good and fill the rest of the group with henchman. The game can be completed with the use of only henchman (beside certain missions in nightfall). good heroes make it easier, but bad heroes make it harder.

note bout the wiki: when having difficulty you can always check the official wiki at You can also go there by typing /wiki in the game chat. the wiki has a lot of information bout quests and missions and gives lots of tips how to tackle them. For example the quest to go to Eye of the north starts of with a few low level enemy's you need to defeat, after a cutscene you are being attacked by very high level enemy's. The trick however is that you need to outrun them. the wiki will tell you this AND show you a map of the route to follow (so you might want to study that in advance).
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Old Jul 05, 2012, 02:04 PM // 14:04   #4
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@ Wasim

Hey and welcome to Guildwars!
As said above, HOM is really for experienced players ect ect..4
Just play the game and have fun!
I'm sure you'll pick up a few HOM points along the way, the ingame tips are pretty helpful and *most players are! if you have a question ask away in Lions Arch local chat.
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Old Jul 05, 2012, 02:33 PM // 14:33   #5
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I wouldn't say you should forget about the HoM.... but the other posters are certainly right in that a new player is kinda far away from getting much in the way of HoM points. The first thing to do after getting to LA would be to get the quest which takes you to the Eye of the North areas. You'll need to be at least level 10 to do this. Once you get to Boreal station, you can buy max armor if you want, and you'll unlock some pretty useful heroes (though you won't have the skills or equipment to make them useful for a while most likely). If you fill up your party with GW:EN henchmen, you should have very little trouble getting to the Eye of the North (where you also unlock another useful hero). Once there, you can start accumulating points.

You get a few points just for linking your account, so make sure you do that. After that, you should focus on completing the various campaigns to both learn the game (as well as lore) and to make some cash to start equipping your heroes (which is very expensive for new players). All in all, you won't be able to get many points in 2 months, but you might be able to get the GW2 armors at least.
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Old Jul 05, 2012, 02:57 PM // 14:57   #6
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I'll be honest here (since I've never tried to hide it anyway, lol) I returned to GW about 2 - 3 months ago for basically the same reason, I didn't really returned due to lore since I can read (and already had) that on the Wiki, novels, etc... I returned purely for HoM.

When I started the game again after a 2 year hiatus I had the following:
1 toon level 20 (which you will learn means nothing in GW ) about 4 missions after Lion Arch, without top armor and about 20k gold
3 HoM points for linking the accounts (which simply means getting to the Eye of The North)
4 heroes all from EoTN without any skills apart from what they start with.

I started a new toon, different profession and right now I'm sitting a 22/30 HoM (and pretty much already have secured the 25/30, just need to dedicate armor and mini pets that I've already bought) and confident that will get to 30/30.

Will you get 30/30 in less than 2 months? difficult... not because of skill but because of time. (I do work so its not like I play 12 hours a day)

Can you get to 10 - 15 HoM? quite possible.

What everyone said is true, just play the game you will get them... but also, do have a plan, it will save you some time and let you take some shortcuts, so be prepared to read... a lot...

I'll PM some tips.
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Old Jul 05, 2012, 06:31 PM // 18:31   #7
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Welcome welcome! As the others have said it is tight on time, but here's some tips to get you started if you're dedicated on achieving your goal.

Immediately swap to NF with your existing character so you get a couple of heroes. Then do the quest to get to eotn to get the heroes up to gwen (maybe Xandra if you feel up grinding some tournaments). After that pick up Olias from a quest in LA. Then go back to NF and finish that story first, because you'll get heroes that way, which will help you through the other campaigns. Try to get max reward in all the missions, so you get the protector title, or will have an easy time going back to finish it up. A little reading before you enter a mission or during it will help.

That's the PvE side. There's a little to do with a pvp only character as well. Create a ranger, you'll want to create a trapper's build and then farm zaishen elite every day for zkeys, which you can sell to players for (long since I played, but roughly) 5k each.
Also speak with so you can turn in the free tournament reward points for 5 zkeys.

You need to get here first: then win vs all the preset teams so you get to zaishen elite. You want to talk to a priest of balthazar and use your earned balthazar faction to unlock more skills for your trapper primarily until you've gotten a build like this: then you continue to do zaishen elite every day so you can unlock more skills for your heroes. Once your heroes have the desired builds you can start cashing in zkeys instead.

This is a really fast and efficient farm that doesn't require a lot of work to get to. High end pve is more rewarding, but you need a team of 8 to do that, this is much easier to get into, and it will boost your hom progression since you quite fast will be able to obtain a solid team build which is extreamly important.

imo it's much more important to enjoy the game, but there's some advice if you want to rush your hom.

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Old Jul 06, 2012, 01:04 AM // 01:04   #8
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I just started playing about a month ago, and now have 15 points in about 40 hours. I had no clue what I was doing initially, but am getting the gist of it now. Check out my Hall of Monuments (Kalian Amirante) to see what I used. All done with just Prophecies + EOTN. Don't forget about your 10 free zkeys which can be sold for a decent amount of money.
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Old Jul 08, 2012, 12:12 PM // 12:12   #9
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I've seen people complete the HOM in just 3 months. But they were able to get into speed clearing guilds and do DoA (Domain of Anguish) and UW (Underworld) to get high end rewards (ectos, armbraces, etc.) and then selling those items in order to buy other items.

As others suggested, just play through the game (prophecies, factions, nightfall, and eye of the north) and you will get a lot of points for just that. The money you make can easily buy you 1 - 3 year mini pets (prices have dropped drastically) and materials for weapons, etc.

Also, I don't think you need to rush to get everything in your HOM before GW2 comes out. If you have the time, play both games in parallel. - Good luck
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Old Jul 09, 2012, 10:58 AM // 10:58   #10
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Thank you all, great community for a great game , it's really sad i didn't play GW before.

q: how do i get the 10 free zkeys ?
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Old Jul 09, 2012, 12:30 PM // 12:30   #11
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At the Great Temple of Balthazar, talk to High Priest Zhang and you will receive 50 free Tournament Reward Points. Then talk to Tolkano and choost to buy Zaishen Keys with the points.
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Old Jul 09, 2012, 12:36 PM // 12:36   #12
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1. Welcome to our great game, if you love lore, you will love this game.

2. Don't listen to these people, you can almost buy the 50pts for HOM, you can definitely buy 30 of them, which are the most important ones, as it will give you items for GW2, if you play through the game you'll have already 8 or 9 pts.

3. All you need is a lot of gold and you'll get at least 30 pts. No sweat.
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Old Jul 09, 2012, 02:18 PM // 14:18   #13
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Because a brand new player will have the millions of gold required for that. If he wants to enjoy the lore, immediately jumping into gold farming is not the best approach.
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Old Jul 09, 2012, 02:34 PM // 14:34   #14
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Yea. definitely not the way to get any HoM points for a new player;

1. Buying golld or ingame curency for real money is a banable offence
2. Farming gold is boring and repetetive... so not anything anyone new to the game and interrested in the lore would actually do untill much, much later.

The best way to get a few HoM points fast and in line with the reason you bought the game, would to play through each campaign from start to finish and complete all missions (not side quests) in normal mode and with all bonus requirements for the missions fulfilled. That way you automatically get 2 Statues in your HoM per campaign (one for finishing the campaign, and another one for completing it with the bonuses done). That already gives you 6 statues just for playing the game in the easiest mode and giving you more than enough oppertunities to enjoy the storylines.

If you want to get more HoM points, then just go back and re-do all missins in Hard mode and complete the bonus requirements, this gives you another statue per campaign. After you have done that, then you should be well on your way on a few other alleigence and point farming titles (Luxon, Kurzick, EotN titles and Sunspear / Lightbringer). From then on completing one title after the other should not be too difficult... it just takes time and dedication for some of them if you are interrested in point farming by then (after you have had your fill of the lore and are still interrested in the HoM points).

Note though, there is no cut-off date for any points in your HoM as far as I read from Anet. You can carry on adding points to your GW1 HoM after the official release date of GW2 and they will be carried over no matter when you made the points.
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Old Jul 23, 2012, 06:57 AM // 06:57   #15
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so i've been playing GW alot and loving it, the only problem am facing is finding groups, other than that all is going well, killed Glint ( was it ? ) in the Dragon lair mission for the bonus took me like 15 min XD.

an how all going well untill now, and not much time i aim to finish all campaigns before the 28th of Aug.

wish me luck
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Originally Posted by wasim470 View Post
wish me luck
Good luck on that (its surely possible)
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