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Default skill rewards from quests?

I noticed that some NPCs offer skill rewards for my hero's primary/secondary professions if I complete their quests.

When I'm able to change my secondary profession later on, can I go back to earlier parts of the campaign and earn skill rewards from those NPCs related to that secondary profession?
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Yes and no. Some quests that rewards with skills will not be repeatable, but there will be a few that will become available when you change your secondary. e.g. In Piken Square (Prophecies), A ranger quest becomes available, when you change your 2nd to ranger. Also, "Replacement Monks", in Serenity Temple, when you change to monk 2nd. Some Mesmer and Necro in Sardelac Sanitarium. There could be others scattered here and there around the map. There is a list of quests that rewards skills somewhere on wiki that will guide you. Perhaps someone can locate it and reference it for you.

Thank you Cosy!

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if you have already taken the reward, then you will not be able to repeat the quest, however, there are other skills quests that you can do --if you change your 2ndary to one you didnt have before and didnt do the quests (eg, you are a warrior/monk, you change to /ranger--there are ranger quests that you can do for skills--check out this page:
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Basically, there are two types of skill quests:
-the ones that are based on a single profession
-the ones that are prof-indipendent and will reward you a skill for each profession you ave at that moment
You only will be able to do the first kind, as you never did those for your new sec profession, before. You supposedly did already those of the second kind though, so you can't do those again.
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the skill quest that you were unable to take at that time up to Yak's bend will be available when you change your secondary profession.
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