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Default elite skills between campaigns?

I'm playing GW trilogy PVE, and have 2 heroes, each in a different campaign.

On the first campaign, I captured an elite skill from a boss. Now I want the hero on the second campaign to have access to that skill.

Is there a way to do this? or will my second hero have to capture it himself? Thanks.
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You can use an Elite Skill Tome to get the skill for your other character. The only restriction for this is the obvious one - your character has to have that profession as either primary or secondary.
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Once you've unlocked a skill, it's available to all of your heroes (for that character). ..... oops, I just noticed that you seem to be misusing the term "Hero". Heroes are player controlled henchmen, not your characters.

So, yes your Hero character in the second campaign will have to capture the skill itself, or use an Elite Skill Tome.

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Originally Posted by Quaker View Post
I just noticed that you seem to be misusing the term "Hero".
No need to put it so harshly. The word is used in both ways in gw. (See, e.g., the hero panel.)
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