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Default Winds of Change Quests for Money?

I'm looking at the amount of money and rubies and sapphires that the WoC quests give (for NM + HM, about 117k), and I'm wondering if it would be viable to run those a couple times - 2 normal and 2 hard maybe - in order to make cash for filling up my HoM? Especially the Vabbian Armor, which costs a ton, I think getting 8 rubies and 6 sapphires from the quests would really help toward getting 14 of each, and the money earned would be more than enough to get those and probably a destroyer weapon too.

How long would one expect to go through the content on NM and HM?
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Old Jul 28, 2012, 08:26 AM // 08:26   #2
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It can be quite tedious and take awhile, but you get over 100k total running through it in NM and HM along with rubies,sapphires, gold zcoins, etc. I consider it worth it if you don't have too much trouble with high end PvE content, especially now that some of it is toned down. There are a couple other threads about the length but expect like 4-5 hours minimum for the average player. That's likely inaccurate so see what other players say, but it does vary on the player.
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Old Jul 28, 2012, 12:54 PM // 12:54   #3
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Originally Posted by Relyk View Post
There are a couple other threads about the length but expect like 4-5 hours minimum for the average player. That's likely inaccurate so see what other players say, but it does vary on the player.
I'd say for the average player it'd take longer than that. Perhaps twice as long, like 8 - 10 hours. Remember, he's asking how long it would take to go through it in NM & HM.

It'd mostly take that long because part 1 of WoC is a real drag that is mostly just a series of vanquishes; and vanquishing takes time. This part may also involve you completing Befriend the Kurzicks or Befriend the Luxons too, aswell as the associated missions along the way to Harvest Temple, depending on how your character went about completing Factions and what he's done since then, as you'll need to be able to access outposts deep within both territories.

Once that's finished though part 2 and 3 are far more entertaining, though you can still expect to take a while on the defensive missions (and there's more than just a few of those) as you will spend some time waiting for spawns.

Of course, I'd say this is true from my experience, but then as was pointed out, the quests have been made easier since I did them so I guess I couldn't say for certain.

I however would still agree that it's a pretty good way to make some money; so long as you avoid using consets of course. The content is quite doable without them.

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Old Jul 28, 2012, 02:33 PM // 14:33   #4
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Is it a way to make money to spend towards your HoM points? Sure! Is it a FAST way to do it? Probably not. If you have several characters who are set to start straight away, I expect is will take around 8-10 hours to do just the WoC content (possibly more... some of those HM quests seem to depend a lot on the spawns you get.... Minister Cho's I'm looking at you). If you're after Rubies and Sapphires, better to do quests in Nightfall that reward them (or the trophy you can trade for them). You can also get them as drops from the unlocked Nightfall Chests scattered around (as well as cash). Might just be my experience, but I found repeated WiK to be a lot faster than repeating WoC, though the rewards are a bit less. If you have a lot of characters and the trilogy, do the MoX quest chain on all of them... that's a lot of cash right there and its super easy.
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WoC is surely not considered as a good way to earn money, there are easier and faster ways.
WoC is more likely for fun, to extend the lore, get Zei Ri, etc. while it earns you nice sum of money.
I assume you haven't completed it on any toon, so you don't know what's it like. I liked it a lot, but many people hate it.
You must use your brain and strategy to make some quests. (They nerfed WoC, so it's easier, but still challenging for a bookah.)

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Old Jul 29, 2012, 04:04 AM // 04:04   #6
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I only fully completed it once in HM, and that was before they made it easier... so I don't know how things are now.
But I did need to try some quests multiple times in HM (that one mission in the marketplace took me ages).
It might be faster if you take cons, but that would cost you money, and defeat the purpose. So I'd have to agree with bulldozer above: it's not an efficient way to make money.
Of course, I encourage you to play through both NM and HM at least once
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