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Default Guild Wars Novels

I'm not sure if this is the appropriate area to be asking this question but I was wondering if I were going to read the guild wars novels if I would be completely lost having not played most of the guild wars one expansions.

My friends and I plan on rolling on whatever GW2 server is chosen by the community to be the unoffical RP server and I would like to have some knowledge about the lore before going in and creating my character.

Thanks for the help.
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One of the purposes of the novels is to bridge GW1 to GW2. They both take place prior to the start of GW2. I have only read Ghosts of Ascalon, but there are several places in the novel where characters of one race explain how history is seen by their race. A human and a charr will view the same event quite differently.

The books stand on their own even if you haven't played GW. However, if you are looking for a quicker introduction, I would look up Wooden Potatoes Lore series on youtube. The first is here:
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Awsome, thank you so much for the quick reply
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Both of the first two novels (the third won't be released until January reportedly) stand pretty much on their own. If you have some experience with the game, you'll have a better understanding of some of the characters and events, but the authors take the time to explain the important details. So, I think you'd be fine.
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