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Default HOM Question: 35 to 45 points

Hi, I'm at 35 HOM points currently debating going to 45 for the title (character name *name removed*).

I have around 60E in bank.

Is it a practical goal? If so, what would the most logical steps be at this point?

I've read all the FAQS, but hit 35 a while ago and took a hiatus. I would greatly appreciate some expert advice on which of the Honor titles to go for ( and roughly how much time I should expect them to take), as I've purposely avoided focusing on them in the past.


Mod Edit: Removed Character name - Please remember, character name(s) is used as part of the security of your GW1 account. You don't need to show/display your character name when linking to the HoM calculator

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Old Aug 01, 2012, 07:20 PM // 19:20   #2
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Unless you're going to keep playing after GW2 launches, I'm not sure this is possible. You're just missing so many statues to reach 45, it will require a large amount of time. It will depend heavily on just how far along you are on the incomplete statues.

Avenues to pursue:
* Legendary Defender of Ascalon on an alt
* Legendary Guardian
* Legendary Cartographer
** Legendary Vanquisher meshes well, but vastly increases the time invested
* Legendary Skill Hunter costs a fair bit and is tedious, but not too hard
* Eye of the North reputations
* Nightfall reputations
* Kurzick/Luxon titles pursued one at a time

At this point, you'll run out of easy statues. What follows are more difficult ones, but not undoable.
* Conqueror statues for the remaining elite zones
* Survivor

All of the above will net you 40 statues and put you at 42 points. For the final three points, I recommend one of the following options
* Buy 200 Zaishen Keys and open the chest
* Buy 6 additional weapons PLUS
** 10 miniatures
** 4 additional weapons

At the moment, those are outside your price range; you can compensate by farming Oppressor's weapons yourself.
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Old Aug 01, 2012, 08:27 PM // 20:27   #3
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your best bet would be to finish up your devotion and valor monuments and work on honor up to 45. based on your budget you should work on titles that you acquire from playing as opposed to spending money to earn, such as drunkard, sweet tooth etc. (they cost around 1 million gold each.) here's what i would do (will get you to exactly 45 points):

-LDOA (2-3 days if you farm the first 2 groups of bandits in the farmer hamnet daily quest - don't complete it)
-max sunspear and lightbringer titles
-master of the north (includes max asura, norn, dwarf and ebon vanguard titles)
-legendary guardian (guardian and protector of all 3 continents)
-legendary skill hunter
-legendary vanquisher
-legendary cartographer
-kurzick and/or luxon
-2 elite areas; fow can easily be done by a good player with 7 heroes. possibly find a run for the deep, urgoz, or the uw (you only need 1 elite area if you max both luxon and kurzick)

if you happen to find the money for enough zaishen keys to get rank 3, that will count as a pvp title therefore adding 3 points to your honor monument and knocking off the need for 19 of the statues you would have needed! this would be a LOT easier for you but it would be pretty expensive.

it's going to be tough to get to 45 before gw2 is released but if you work hard enough it's very possible. good luck to you!
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Old Aug 02, 2012, 01:05 AM // 01:05   #4
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Given the amount of money you have, the (small) amount of title statues you have and how much you reached in the other monuments, I suspect you farmed (and/or powertraded) a lot and invested the money in your HoM. Although there is a risk you have a lot of finished statues you haven't added yet, but I think you checked that..

I'm also assuming here you want this before august 28th (no clue why that date -lol-).
So, 45 is very likely out of your league. You can continue farming/powertrading for the other statues that cost money. You can also decide to get as many possible honor titles but unless you play bout 16 hours/day i think it's nearly impossible to do both wich is going to be needed for 45.

My suggestion would be to take it more moderest and focus on 40 first. If there is time afterwards you can always try for 45.

Farming way:
1: adding 10 (common) minatures would reward 36/50 (cost bout 90k)
2: adding 10 destroyer and opressor weapons would get you to 39/50(cost bout 800k)
3: add an obsidian armor (1100k) would get you to 40/50
So when farming it will cost you bout 2000k to get to 40/50, so thats bout 100k/day from now on..... (just giving the numbers as they are)

(you can also buy 200 zaishen keys and open the zaishen chest 200 times to get a pvp statue. This one will grant you 3 HOM points (pvp title). 200 keys should cost you bout 1100k)

Title way:
1: Do FoW, with a good hero team and 0 experience this is done in 3-4 hours easy. If you have guidance from experienced people bout 1-2 hours (speedclears do it in 30 minutes, but it takes time to master it)
2: Find a guild that regularly does either the deep or urgoz. Beside the statue, that would also give you soon enough the statue for kurzick/luxon.
With an expereinced guild this would take bout 6-8 hours (including the farming for the title statue)
3: finish all missions with master (time depends on how much you are missing, but when it is half of them, it would be bout 15 hours to do it all in normal mode. (this would be 36/50)
4: get those 10 mini's cause you should have way over 100k now (37/50)
5: start doing all missions with master (if you didn't do so already that would mean bout 40 hours of time invested).
6: legendary defender of ascalon should take bout 15 hours (with a new character) and net you at 38/50
7: start vanguishing nightfall for getting area's done and farming rep for sunspear/lightbringer. If you do that AND! finish all area's that would give 3 more statues. This would take bout 30 hours
8: do two reputation farming titles in eotn (wich ones depends on what you have already covered, but personally I find the dwarven one very easy when doing the ice-man dungeon. if your warrior/sin/monk/ele/me you can farm raptors for asuran (warrior and mesmer) or vaettirs for norn points (monk, sin and ele). Check pvx for builds. if you can't play any of these professions you can also do speedbooking. On average this should take bout 10 hours and puts you at 39/50.
9: now you should have enough money to buy your last point (see the farming way section of my post).

So either way it will take a lot of time and dedication to even get to 40/50. Keep in mind either thing will only grant you one extra title in GW2.

Tot get 45/50 you should be combining the farming way and the title way, but I think you will run out of time and maybe loose on both fronts and not be ready in time for even 40/50.

Hope I haven't discouraged you too much
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Old Aug 02, 2012, 04:27 PM // 16:27   #5
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Thanks to all for the info and advice!

@akelarumi: I haven't done much farming beyond the Rise quest 40 or 50ish times, but I made my account at release and was able to turn the b-day presents into some decent cash. I've also done a bit of a lot of those honor statues, but haven't focused on completing any. (70some percent to the cartographers, rank 5-8ish reputations, nearly finished protector of Cantha and Tyria, vanquished a bit, etc)

I never really found a guild though, so that's why I ended up just soloing everything with heroes and got more of the other statues. (instead of finishing elite areas or some of the harder vanquishes/ Hard mode missions/dungeons)

It looks like I'm just not close enough though at this point in time. Maybe I'll come back after gw2 has been out a bit and give it another go .

(Mods - Thanks for the info about removing character name, I didn't realize it was a security risk!)
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