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Old Jul 26, 2012, 02:13 AM // 02:13   #1
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Default 16/30 HOM -- Need Direction, Have Coin

Sorry for putting you veterans through another post like this, but I'm truly lost at the moment.

Played a lot of GW back in the day, and if I remember correctly I got pulled away right after EOTN dropped. Regardless, I'm currently at 16/30 with the following breakdown -- here's my HOM link (Lord Omnipata).

For reference, here's where I'm at:

Devotion: 5/8 (20 Mini's)
Fellowship: 6/8 (13 Companions)
Honor: 5/18 (4 Statues)
Resilience: 0/8
Valor: 0/8

Now, what I'm looking for is the shortest path time wise from where I'm at to 30 points. I have roughly 2300 Platinum to put toward the cause, I just don't know where to spend it and I have no idea what ballpark I should be paying for items.

Any help would be appreciated -- I tried watching the trade chat earlier and my eyes are bleeding.

Thanks all!

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Old Jul 26, 2012, 03:25 AM // 03:25   #2
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1 destroyer weapon (16-18e), 1 tormented weapon (~27-29e for weapon or armbrace), 3 oppressor weapons (~11-13e for 1 weapon or 1 stack of war supplies)
(+5 points)

vabbian, elite lux or elite kurz, ancient, asuran and norn would be the cheapest way to go about elite armor sets (note you don't need to get the headpiece to put the armor set in your hall)
(+6 points)

either max your title that is closest to the highest rank or pay for a run for UW, FoW, the deep, urgoz's warren, or DoA (average price for any of these runs ranges 15-30e); or do sorrow's furnace (not hard at all with h/h, only takes a couple hours)
(+3 points)
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Old Jul 26, 2012, 03:30 AM // 03:30   #3
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You're set for minis and companions pretty much. Keep in mind that you can always go for 7 more statues in companion to avoid a point elsewhere. You need one more statue for honor, get protector of cantha as protector of tyria takes much longer. You have enough money to buy all the armor and weapons you need.

For armor, first thing to do is get elite kurzick/luxon. You can buy the materials; however farming amber/jade from fa or jq or even doing VQs (clearing drazarch thicket or mount quinkai a couple times) will save unnecessary spending and doesn't really take long. Vabbian armor costs 16 rubies and 16 sapphires with around 30-35k in the rest. They are currently around 11k each, so it costs 380k. You should already have 2-3 of each laying around though so it shouldn't be that problematic. That should be cheaper than trying to get a 30 minis or 8/8 for companions. For weapons, you need one of each type. Destroyer weapons used to be the cheapest, but diamonds have been climbing steadily. Oppressor weapons cost 13-15e if you go buy war supply stacks. You need to do wik to exchange, so you have to buy the actual weapon. They tend to be around 100k or less.

The bad thing about new accounts is that they have no progress for the pvp statue, which means either g3 from RA or z3 from zkeys. z3 requires 200 zkeys, which costs 1 million total. Therefore, if you have no progress in gladiator, it's cheaper to make up those points in the other places.

It'll probably look like this:
Devotion: 5/8
Fellowship: 7/8
Honor: 8/18
Resilience: 5/8
Valor: 5/8

Where you don't bother grabbing more minis, get 30 companion statues since you can do that without eotn, get protector of cantha, get kurzick/luxon armor than fill 5 armor statues with eotn armors or other cheap armor, get one of each weapon, then buy a couple oppressor weapons to hit 5 statues. You can 30 minis instead of two more weapon statues, but that will likely cost just as much and take longer.
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Old Jul 26, 2012, 05:25 AM // 05:25   #4
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You have enough money that there are lots of ways to get to 30. I'll just give you what I think is the cheapest; other people's recommendations will work fine, too.

1 more statue (a fow run would probably be the easiest and cheapest if you want to pay someone; protector of cantha might be the easiest if you want to do it yourself, and also very cheap and easy to buy)

all the heroes and a spider (you can buy a spider run and hero armors; recruiting the heroes will be the most time-consuming part)

7 armor sets (these are cheaper points than weapons), including luxon (which is cheaper than kurzick); eotn armors and ancient will be cheaper than the rest, but if you don't have the rank 5 required for the eotn armors, you can afford the others anyway

1 destroyer weapon and 1 oppressor weapon

For this:

Edit: Alternatively, just do 5 armor sets, and get another 10 minis. That might be cheaper if you can find cheap white minis, but you'll have to hang out in Kamadan or the Eye of the North outpost to find the ones you want.

Edit again: Ooooor you could do 7 armor sets, 10 minis, and skip the oppressor weapon. Lots of options at around this price point.

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Old Jul 26, 2012, 12:35 PM // 12:35   #5
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Good stuff -- thanks for the replies, all of that definitely helps!
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Old Aug 08, 2012, 09:43 PM // 21:43   #6
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Hit 30 last night -- really appreciate the help, once I got back into it it wasn't all that bad.

Armor's were easy, come to find out I had 3 sets of elite I didn't even know I had. Weapons were easy to buy, and hero armors to get to 20 dedicated was pretty simple. Completed Sorrow's Furnace for the statue to top it all off -- was pretty simple with properly setup hero's.

See everyone in GW2!
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