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Default deleting hero question

I'm thinking about deleting one of my heroes at the signon screen. It was my first time playing GW with that hero, and I wasted alot of gold and skill points in the process.

How will deleting this hero affect my other hero accounts? Will I lose all unlockable skills from that hero? Any other things?
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Old Aug 12, 2012, 12:12 PM // 12:12   #2
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No you won't loose any unlocked skills nor any progress in the Hall of Monuments.

You will loose the character and everything on it so best is to make sure you strip him naked (salvage the armor he has, salvage his weapon or put it in the chest for future use. Also put the belt puch nd extra bags in the xunlai chest).

When you salvage the armor you'll only get a small bit back of what you put into the armor but all small bits help right?

Edit: just to add. There are not many mitakes you can make that can not be undone at a certain part of the game. So unless you need the characterslot it might be wiser not to delete a character. Even if it is only for the yearly birthday gift. (each time your character is 1,2,3,etc years old it gets a birthdaygift in the form of a free miniature, even after I go to GW2 I will be checking my characters in gw1 atleast once every few months and sell the miniatures so the gw1 economy will be getting new ones)

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Old Aug 12, 2012, 04:04 PM // 16:04   #3
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Thanks for the tips.
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Old Aug 12, 2012, 11:26 PM // 23:26   #4
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Deleting a character seems pretty pointless if you're new. You could just change the skills, attributes, armor, etc.
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Old Aug 12, 2012, 11:33 PM // 23:33   #5
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It sounds as if you have put some effort in this guy, shame to waste it. So unless he is a duplicate profession I'd save him, you might want to come back to him later. If you need the slot to play another profession, then just buy a new slot.

My necro was not my first love, but it is the one that got me GWAMM, you may not feel like playing him now but you might later. When I first started out I deleted then remade a lot of profession missing out on birthday presents along the way.
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