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Default Please help HoM Question

Ok so I went and charmed a black moa outside the house zu helter. When to the HoM and it will NOT let me add it in there. This is on a character that has never added anything else into the hall. Any ideas on why I can not add it? Also I tried on my character who has added everything else however that does not help because I can not get to house zu helter as that character is luxon. Please help. I am really trying to get just a couple more points before GW2 comes out.
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Just to get the usual suspects out of the way:

Do you have the pet with you when you enter the HoM?

Are you in account-wide view? You can only dedicate the moa if you are in character-specific view. If not sure...speak with Kimmes the Historian just inside the HoM and choose the option to view "personal achievements".

Also....if the character has never dedicated anything to their personal HoM there a tapestry up on the Fellowship display?
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Must use Monumental Tapestry for the unlock Fellowship monument for the character that has the Black Moa. Make sure you are in Character View (talk to Kimmes the Historian..he's right by the where you enter your HOM.
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Yes, make sure that you unlocked the statue with tapestry and make sure your moa is lvl 20 (it can get bugged sometimes).
Also, what do you mean with "that character is luxon."
As long as your current kurzick faction number is higher than luxon, you can go anywhere you want. I think you should be able to do it even without that (at least get to HZH). It's part of the storyline, just check the wiki.
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The easiest way to get the Black Moa pet on another character (if you want to try to dedicate it with another character) would be to register your black moa with the menagerie and then tame it with the character you want. To do this:

a) Go to the Battle Isles
b) Travel to Zaishen Menagerie
c) Talk to Gate Guard Hirvela to travel to the Zaishen Menagerie Grounds
d) Then talk to Emryd the Tamer to unlock the Black Moa on your account.
e) Switch character and repeat steps a to c
f) Talk to Wynn, The Zaishen Training Captain (In the 'training circle near the entrance) and ask for a level 20 elder Black Moa.
g) Tame the black Moa.

You now have the Black Moa on another character, and it doesn't matter if the character has more Luxon than Kurzick points and thus can't do the Black Moa quest.
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