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Old Aug 20, 2012, 04:27 AM // 04:27   #1
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Default idea's for 100e give away before gw2

Just as the title says, i've been bored with gw1 lately and i decided to do a small give away before my departure to gw2. i'm open to all ideas on how this should happen. i'm hoping for some fun and creative ideas that people would enjoy doing.. post on here what you might have for ideas!. i hope to see everyone participating in this small event just for fun ^^ hopefully i see some old friends :P Especially you kenster! i know you enjoy these :P.

IGN: Senor Spams Alot or Im A Wooly Ninja.

^^posted those 2 ign's for people who might remember the ones i played the most :P^^

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Old Aug 20, 2012, 06:25 AM // 06:25   #2
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heres an idea, teams of 4 players must start a new toon in pre ascalon ,then only using pre armor they all race from ascalon to La , they can use tomes to get skills but they are not aloud to skip into towns a flat out race to La.

First team wins 5e each
2nd team wins 3e each
3rd team wins 2e each
4th team wins 1e each

all other teams win either a party point, drunk or sweet point each depending on what you turn some e into

Might be alot of fun.

or you could give them all to me lol

cheers Phab
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Old Aug 20, 2012, 10:59 AM // 10:59   #3
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Maybe an easteregg hunt where you are the easteregg?

Everyone gathers in a predertermend town and district. You have an helper who's goingto assist you.

After a short explaination you turn yourself to offline status and travel to an outpost. As soon as your there your helper gives a cryptic description of your location (e.g. he is knocking on the door of his dentist if you are in Gate of Pain).

The first person who travels there and opens trade gets e.g. 20 ecto's (and you repeat it for 5 times with off course different locations)

important is to make clear in wich district you are going to be and you check it yourself carefully.
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Old Aug 20, 2012, 05:02 PM // 17:02   #4
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How about a scavenger hunt? Give the whole shabang out at once. Get a list of x number of things (15,20,30, etc). Can be as mundane as 10 spiritwood or 100 charr carvings to things like a herring to some none inscrip item (a mesmer focus with 1st mod of [x] and 2nd mod of [y]), etc. The only thing with this is that you would kinda guarantee that this will be given out and that it would be official since it's going to take a bit of time and people aren't going to do it if they think you are just joking.
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