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Default costume question

I'm new to costumes in gw. I see about 20 costumes available in the store, but almost all the costumes I see the players wear are nothing like what's sold in the store.

My question is how do you either customize the costume you purchase from the store, or get one that's completely different from the store?
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Costumes are only one way to change your appearances. You can also use tonics (wich are in game rewards, some are single usage ones, others are ever lasting, meaning you can change to that forum as much as you want).

A costume gives your character a special look wich is unique and can only be bought in the store. All costumes ever brought out are still available (afaik). in many causes however you keep your own facial and sometimes even your hairstyle.

A tonic changes you into a total new model. The model depends on the kind of tonic. So there are tonics that change you into a margonite or a snowman, but also one that changes you into a hero like Jora or Gwen.

Last of all there are armor-sets. those are your actually fighting close wich can have different looks and feels.

If a character has a look you like (and is in an outpost) you can just whisper them. Most people are doing it to show it of and are therefore happy to explain to you what it is they did (costume, armor or tonic) to look that way.
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Costumes also generally come in two parts...the main part which covers the body and a headpiece/mask. They can be worn seperately and the both pieces are usually dyeable to some extent.

...and, there are also specific "common armor" items which can be crafted for a character in-game such as sunglasses, blindfold, crown, bandanna and assorted gloves.

You might be seeing people with their characters wearing a combination of assorted regular armor (one set or mix-and-match), costume pieces and/or "common armor" items.
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