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Default Game Progression Blues....

I finally got out of presearing and starting on the missions. A part of me wishes I had not read that you need to get to level 20 in presearing to ever get one of the titles. Took me a lot longer to get out of that starter area than was fun, but way easier then what I have read it used to me like.

I got to Lion's Arch, and then took a detour and opened up all the campaigns, and got the starter, easy to grab heros. It also took me awhile but I also finally was able to upgrade my armor. Now I was wondering if anyone had some links to some progression guides. What I mean is what skills to shoot for and runes to save for to make my character and heros incrementally better in steps. So far I seem to find builds that assume you already have skills from all the campaigns opened up to you already. Is there something that takes a more step by step approach of goals to shoot for along the way?

I hit a road block for now with Aurora Glade. It really seems this was designed to have more then one player in the instance. The wiki recommends run speed up and snare skills for those trying to solo it. However at this point in the game I don't have those. So I seem to have hit a roadblock already. Should I give up on following the quests mostly in order and just goto other campaigns? What can I do to buff me group up to be able to get through this? How can I find another person to group with? I tried Embaq Beach and posting here as well as chat in a few of the cities.

Finally may as well throw in my HoM. AAAAAQAAAAAA

Any good suggestions for what to do to help it out the quickest that won't break up the storyline too much?
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If you started in prophecies, and went and cherry picked heroes, and you haven't payed for the skill unlock packs, it's extremely likely that you're fighting an uphill battle right now.

Heroes are wonderful if you have the skills to equip them. More than likely, you currently don't. That means you're sort of limited in what they do. Unfortunately, if you're doing Aurora Glade in proph, that also means the henchmen are kind of crappy. To make the heroes useful, you need to unlock skills. At this point, you're probably better off finding some builds on PvXWiki that will complement the heroes you have available, and specifically learning those skills. This means you'll need to pick up the signet of capture quest from lion's arch and do those.

Until such point as you can do that, it's probably better if you leave prophecies till last, and use the Henchmen from the area you're currently in. The henchmen get progressively better/more useful as the campaigns go on. This means that I would start in either Nightfall (or even EoTN) and work your way backwards. Their builds are a bit more robust. While you won't be able to flag them as well as with heroes, their builds will probably be a lot better than what you can initially create for your heroes.

I did something similar to what you're saying (started out, got LDoA), except I never set foot outside of prophecies. I did have a full com pliment of merc heroes, but they were as much a limitation they were a bonus. I ended up playing 3 characters all the way through prohpecies to unlock all the core & proph skills. It was a rather large investment of time. I would not suggest it.

Like I said, at this point, pick a good build you'll stick with for a while, just cherry pick a few skills. If you start in Nightfall (or EoTN) you'll get hero skill points to augment your normal skill points.

Edit: As an addendum, the story line in the trilogies are completely self contained (well, mostly anyway). While EoTN is a bit of a spoiler for the other three, you're otherwise pretty OK outside of a few secondary quests. One mission in nightfall will reference the other two campaigns, but it doesn't really have any spoilers in it AFAIK.

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I agree with the last poster. You did all that you can for now. So first of all enjoy the game and leave the heroes (mostly) out. pick one or two you really like and start playing and enjoying yourself (filling the rest of the team with henchman).

The game can be played with a party of you and your heroes but has never designed that way and can easily be done with henchman. Like project pointed out a heroe can be better then henchman, but a hero gets as good as you make him (or her).

To make them better you need to play and progress to unlock things like other secomdairy professions (to be able to buy skills for your hero's), but also area's with bosses with elite skills so you can capture them (for both you and your heroes). on the way you will also encounter drops that can be used to further upgrade your armor and that of your heroes.

Last of all, keeping all this in mind, there is a lot to learn before you can actually use a website as This site has the more straight forward answer for you when it comes to picking a team of heroes and how to upgrade them with the right skills and runes. But in my opinion the most fun lies in experiencing it yourself. and for most things there you need to have played and enjoyed the game yourself. (and not listen too much to what is elite or not, like you said, you left pre too late, imo that title is not ment for your first character).

There are a few ways in dealing with aurora glade. I reckon you are stuck on the area with the three shrines you have to capture before the others do. It is a nasty mission to be honest but very doable. You want to do this without help from others, so I would recommend to bring a heroe that can summon minions (olias is the earliest that you can get of those). The reason is that you need crowd control.

The second technique is crowd control. Specially the corner block. As you might have seen, you can't run through an enemy, and when it stands at a corner, you have to go around. NPC's and so the foes are programmed to take the shortest route, if there is a npc or group npc's at a corner they aren't smart enough to go round them (like you prolly do).

So the trick to dealing with this mission is.
1: use a running skill to capture a shirne for your own as soon as possible)
2: use the corners to block npc's to reach it
3: ping (ctrl+click) enemy's like the ones carrying the crystals to focus your heroes and henchman on that foes to get him down earlier.

if you do all three you not only have a good change on finishing this mission but also on whiping all of the enemy's in the final area and therefor killing the bonus dude.

Still it is one of the nasties missions in the game, so don't tilt too heavy on the fact that you have trouble, and accept outside help if needed.
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While we're talking Aurora Glade tactics. Here's what I do (works in NM or HM, and is also linked in the Wiki tactics for this mission).

Flag my H/H in the center, to the north side of the platform when I come in.

As a player, I just grab the crystal, tag the closest (NW) beacon, then run back, grab another crystal, and flag the NE beacon. you don't need a speed boost to do this (though it's a bit less tedious if you).

From here, on, take turns re-claiming NW and NE beacons. For the most part, the NPCs will capture the NE beacon without much trouble, and will get hung up running down the middle to cap the NW beacon. It won't stop the runner. What it will do is let the H/H slowly kill off the escorts and some of the runners. Eventually, you'll get to a point where the runner is all alone. Kill them.

It's not speedy, but it doesn't really require much effort on your part, or skill on the part of the H/H. It's just a matter of time.

Either way, even if you were to finish all the Maguuma jungle quests, you're going to hit another roadblock in the desert. I still stand by my "come back to prophecies" suggestion.

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aurora glade is one of the hardest proph missions to do alone. Your best bet is to try and ride out the waves of mantle foes. I did it by plonking my heroes in the middle of the hill spawns so they aggro everything coming, while I made sure the runners didn't get through.

Use some cons if necessary.

Edit: If you reaaaaally can't do it, come back to it later, you can bypass that mission completely (you'll miss a couple outposts missions and quests) and go onto Riverside Province (i think it's called) which will get you to the desert and onto the next missions.

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^that would be Sanctum Cay.
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Old Aug 23, 2012, 04:32 PM // 16:32   #7
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Follow the strategy for killing all the mobs and ignore capping as much as possible. It is much easier this way when solo.
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Another thing, get an empty copy of ‘The Flameseeker Propehecies’ book from NPC Gordon Ecker who is in Lion’s Arch. Not only can you track your progress through missions beginning with D’Alessio Seaboard . It an be turned in ,when it’s at least half full, for gold and experience. Mission are logged even if you don’t achieve the Bonus.

There are also books to track progress through Factions and Nightfall missions.

I used to find Aurora Glade intimidating too, but I found some video guides posted by players on YouTube that show some strategies that make it doable with only heroes or henchmen.
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Old Aug 23, 2012, 07:48 PM // 19:48   #9
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Also, try looking at some of the talk pages as well; they can offer strategies that may work better for you than the main ones that have been posted. For me, the Four Crystal method was a lot easier.
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