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Old Aug 31, 2012, 08:50 AM // 08:50   #1
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A few days ago my account was banned for somekind of misconduct or whatever the phrasing arenanet uses. The thing is my account must have been hacked because i have not played the game in weeks/months.

Is there a chance that arenanet can unban me? I opened a ticket a few days ago but they have not responded yet.
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Old Aug 31, 2012, 11:36 AM // 11:36   #2
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First off all, make sure your talking bout your GW1 account and not your GW2 account. What I'm saying now is bout a GW1 account. on GW2 (possibly cause its new and fresh) Arenanet and NCsoft have a more strcter policy.

You are responsible for what happens on your account. Even when it gets hacked. So if someone hacked your account and used it e.g. to advertise as a goldseller, then the account will get banned. This may sounds harsh on first glance but then again if your banned so is the hacker/evil person.

Support however will take into account that if your hacked that you are not personally responsable. Normally they can see that from point x in time logging in has been from a different computer and that it is the moment the bad things started. So they can use that information to check your claim of being hacked. When it is clear that you are indeed not responsable they normally restore your account, give you access again and in most cases they can even provide a roll back that restores it to the state previous of being hacked.

So long answer short. All you can do is wait for support to come back to you. Keep in mind they have a new game out and are dealing with a higher workload then regular so it might take them longer then the usual 3 days.
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Old Aug 31, 2012, 12:16 PM // 12:16   #3
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Ok, thanks for the answer I will just have to wait for their response then
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Old Sep 06, 2012, 07:26 AM // 07:26   #4
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i still have not received help from arenanet, it says on their support forums that you can contact them on the guild wars support forum if you have not received a message from them.

The problem is i cant log in. I dont know what the problem is.

I get a "there was a horrible error in your request!" when trying to log in.

Has that got to do anything with me being banned? can banned people not log in to the support forums?

or could it be that i wrote wrong guild wars character name? I dont even know if any of the characters are still on there since i have not been able to log in.
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are we there yet?
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you can try to email them directly
(see the email link on this page:
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