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Default campaign traveling with larger party size

On the wiki for campaign travel, the notes say "The party size limits for the port towns stay in effect for trans-campaign trips; four for Kamadan, six for Lion's Arch and eight for Kaineng Center. To bypass these restrictions, travel to Embark Beach and then talk to the appropriate NPC to take you to the desired destination. "

I've tried going to various locations from embark beach, but my party size is still lowered (I use all heroes). Are the notes wrong, or am I missing something? Thanks.
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Embark beach just cuts the restrictions if you need to travel to say a 8 men area to another 8men, without the need to go through LA or Kamadan and break the party.
Of course if you specifically need to go to a town with lower limit, it still applies. It's just for when they only would serve as campaign travel ports.

I hope I cleared it up.
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Your party will always be trimmed to the appropriate size depending on the location you go to. Go to Lion's Arch... 8 becomes 6. Go to Kamadan... 8 becomes 4. The nice thing about Embark Beach is that if you want to go to another 8-man area in Prophecies or Nightfall, you don't HAVE to go through Lion's Arch or Kamadan, as you did pre-Embark Beach. There is no way around the party-size restrictions, just a way around having to have your party trimmed to get somewhere that has the same party size.

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