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Default Can't get Stout-hearted From Kodan

I'm playing Guild Wars with a Ranger/Elementalist. I made the mistake of not talking to Kodan until I was title 4 on the Deldrimor title track - Risky Delver. Now he won't give me Stout-hearted. Is there any way for me to get it or have I lost it completely? Please help!!!!

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I checked both wikis and neither has any trace of anyone having any issues. Are you sure you don't have it already? Keep in mind it's a title effect, NOT a skill (so it activates automatically if you're displaying your deldrimor title).
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Old Sep 29, 2012, 02:08 AM // 02:08   #3
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Ohhh. Now I feel so dumb. I do have it! I just hadn't put my title on. Weird, I don't remember it being offered to me, but I have it! Thanks!
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Did anyone else read the thread title and think "Wait, there are Kodan in GW1?!" ?
On another note, this one of five "title effects" (4 EotN, 1 NF). You may want to pick up the other 4 if you haven't already, since they're only useful in certain areas/situations, and it's nice to be able to switch.
They are:
- Deldrimor ("Stout-Hearted") from Kodan in Gunnar's Hold - dmg and lifesteal vs. destroyers

- Norn ("Heart of the Norn") from Tyr the Skaald in Gunnar's Hold - extra hp while in the Far Shiverpeaks

- Asura ("Edification") from Lexx in Rata Sum - extra energy while in the Tarnished Coast

- Ebon Vanguard ("Rebel Yell") from Gedrel of Ascalon in Eotn (outpost) - Extra armor, energy gain, and adrenal gain vs. Charr.

- Lightbringer ("Lightbringer") from Seeker of Whispers in Chantry of Secrets (NF) - Extra dmg against, and dmg reduction from, demonic servants of Abaddon (lots of endgame NF stuff)
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