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Old Nov 12, 2012, 02:44 PM // 14:44   #1
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Default Repeatedly reported leeching

I keep getting reported for leeching from the same player for no reason, I also receive abuse from other players on the game for using my own builds. I feel bad that peoples are abusing this feature.

Is it not ok to use your own builds in this day and age. I am considering buying guildwars 2, but as of late I have realized i probably will receive the same sort of abuse from players for using my own builds... I have tried accessing the other in game support but I am having trouble accessing it. If someone could please help me I would be grateful.

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Old Nov 12, 2012, 04:24 PM // 16:24   #2
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Being reported for leeching is one thing, but being reported for using your own builds is a bit over the top depending on what you are doing. Are you in the Zaishen Challenges or anything like that??
Ingame support is also about troublesome for me as well, as far as I can tell you are being griefed for no reason at all for using your own builds.
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Old Nov 12, 2012, 05:42 PM // 17:42   #3
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Don't worry, if it's the same people who are abusing the report feature, they are the ones who will get banned.

Yes it is sad how hostile people are to others using original builds. Basically if you're in RA and anyone on your team notices that you are not using a recognizable pvx build, they will feel the need to immediately call everyone's attention to it. Then when you lose, it's your fault for running your build, and not his fault for sitting there typing instead of playing.

Far and away the random pvp community is the worst part of GW1. Ignore the children and try to enjoy yourself.
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Old Nov 13, 2012, 04:59 PM // 16:59   #4
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Guild: hos in victum
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thanks guys for the support, I really felt down about it and thought it was just me. I have been wanting to try new and interesting builds in RA, I made a tactics warrior and a trapper which work pretty well when the whole team is onboard.

I'll learn to ignore them, I will turn all chats off and set myself to do not disturb i think for the next few days and see whether it helps.
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Old Dec 01, 2012, 05:33 PM // 17:33   #5
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GW2 doesn't have builds like GW1 has. It has preloaded skill sets depending on what weapon you're using. Hardly any flexibility at all. So there are plenty of reasons not to play GW2, but fear of being ridiculed for being a special flower should not be one of them.

That said, keep playing how you like. The only no-no skill to bring is any resurrection spell (other than res signet).

I've played a lot of RA, it's where I've done most of my pvp. I used some unconventional, sometimes experimental builds, and when they work, they work well. When they don't, they don't. It's why you're on a team, and why it's called random.

Keep at it, and good luck to you!
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