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Default Do Hero/Henchmen take drops when out of range?

Hi all helpful and knowledgeable gwguru members

I've been using a paragon hero lately to give me a speed boost when running to farm bosses. I know they take experience, gold and items when they are in range. Does this happen also when they are out of range (i.e. their name is listed in gray)?

Doing some tests it seems that a hero doesn't take experience, but does take gold when out of range. But how does it work with items?

I know there are a lot of threats about heroes affecting drops. I tried to use the search button, but I couldn't find a post that would answer this question.
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You observations are correct. Heroes and henchmen in your party affect drops in the same way as another player in your party. Gold drops are split between party members no matter where on the map they are... grayed out or not. If the H/H is out of range, they won't get experience or other drops. If they are in range of the party, they do.
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Old Dec 04, 2012, 03:42 PM // 15:42   #3
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One of the old method's of farming greens was to kill everything but the boss, then flag the h/h out of compass range (greyed out) and then kill the boss.
In other words - the h/h don't get drops when they are out of range.

P.S. - using that method, you can take as many h/h with you as helps get to the boss, besides just the Paragon.
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When they are out of range of radar.
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