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Smile Last place to Vanq in Cantha


iv just got around to finishing off my last places in cantha to vanq

iv vanq'd everywhere on my map(wich is 97% complete)so i doubt i'v missed an area but its saying i have only done 32/33.

below is a list of the places i have vanq'd

Shing jea island:

saoshang trail
zen daijun
haiju lagoon
jaya bluffs
minister cho's estate
sunqua veil
kinya province
panjiang peninsula

Kaineng city:

raisu palace
budek byway
shadows passage
wajjun bazaar
xaquang skyway
shenzun tunnels
tahnnakai temple
sunjiang distroct
pongmei valley


melandrus hope
drazach thicket
the eternal grove
morostav strail
mourning veil falls


boreas seabed
mount qinkai
maishang hills
gyala hatchery
rheas crater
silent surf
unwaking waters

any idea peeps ?? tyty

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Old Dec 24, 2012, 08:52 AM // 08:52   #2
Lol wat is retirement :)
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Creating a mercenary

Purchase one or more mercenary hero slots at the NCSoft store (maximum 8).
Speak to any Mercenary Registrar while controlling a level 20 character.
Register your current level 20 character (PvE or PvP), which will make it available as a mercenary to your other characters.
You only need to register a character as a mercenary once; it will then be available to every character except the one that registered it. (i.e. a character cannot use their own clone).
The appearance copied will be the one the original character has in "Combat Areas", not the one in "Towns and Outposts". To make sure they are copied, set them to "Always Show" or "Hide in Towns and Outposts".
Some visual effects, like the fire in the Lunatic Court Helm and the Divine Halo, will not appear in the Mercenary Hero Registration panel and other GUI elements, but will properly appear in equipped by the mercenary hero's model.

there you go
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All my mercenaries are PvP chars. I costumed them in Grenth and Lyssa outfits before registering to make them look more interesting.
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Old Dec 24, 2012, 11:04 PM // 23:04   #4
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Also if you have a spare char slot you can do it this way so that all your toons can have all the merc heros

Make a toon e.g Joe Blue in pvp for whatever profession you wish then register that merc....

Now delete Joe Blue and remake another PVP CHAR E.G called Joe Green
choose the profession now register Joe Green and rinse and repeat with all your Mercenary slots you have .

This takes less than 3 mins and every toon you have can have all the Mercenary toons you created......they have pvp armour
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Old Jan 02, 2013, 02:37 PM // 14:37   #5
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thanks for the info guy's,also edited op
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You're missing Nahpui Quarter in the Kaineng area.

Exit from Senji's Corner.
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