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Default Newbie, Please Help!!


So this is my first online rpg and so far it rocks. I purchased the original Guild Wars (No 1, no expansion pack) and I'm busy playing through the story mode as this was the advised way to level up before joining a guild. I am currently a level 12 Monk/Ranger and would like to know whether it's possible to create 4 other characters who can join me instead of Stefan and the other in-game henchmen? If so, how?

Also, I'm not really sure how to join a guild or whether it is only by invitation. Does anyone still actually play the original Guild Wars, or should I upgrade? I am a bit cash strapped...

Anyone's help in this regards would be greatly appreciated.

God Bless

The Wordsmith
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If you purchase one of the other campaigns then you will be able to add heroes to your party, which are basically henchmen with customizable weapons, armor, and skill bar. They have exactly the same A.I. as henchmen but, if you know what you're doing (or if you simply copy the builds from PvX wiki), then heroes can be far more powerful and interesting to use than henchmen. Also, when you have a hero, you will have the option to have their skill bar be displayed on your interface so that you can either disable or manually use certain skills (or do both).

Another option that you have is you can buy a Mercenary slot so that, when you have a level 20 character, you can speak to a Mercenary Registrar in one of 5 main outposts and have that exact character be available as a hero for all your other characters.

You can join a guild by receiving an invitation from a player who is an officer or the guild leader of a guild. The only other way to join a guild is to start one yourself.

There are still a few people who are playing through the story missions (of any campaign, not just Prophecies) but they're quite few. The best way to meet them would probably be to join a guild. When you get to the outpost named Lion's Arch, you will have the option to go to Great Temple of Balthazar, where you can get Zaishen quests. These ZQ's generally do a good job of directing a good number of players to one specific mission, boss, or vanquish so that's a good way of playing with other people. Oh, by the way, right now you're playing in Normal Mode; when you will complete a campaign and reach level 20, then you will unlock Hard Mode on all of your characters. And most people are probably going to be doing things in Hard Mode.

Feel free to ask any other questions. Enjoy Guild wars

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Dude! You rock. Thanks so much for your prompt reply, I guess Nightfall is my next option, so will be doing so soonest.
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First of all, welcome!
If you want to have all campaigns, which I strongly suggest, your best bet is to get directly the trilogy, singular campaigns cost more. I don't know current prices, but if they're still the same, upgrading your account to trilogy is still cheaper even having Prophecies already.
One thing you should keep in mind: Factions and Nightfall are not expansions, they're stand alone campaigns. This means that, even if chars have the freedom to move between them easily (they're basically just continents once you are in game), you can create a character in any of them. The only expansion the game has is Eye of the North, which in fact is onyl accessible at lvl10 and offers no new classes or character creation.
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