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Default What is better a wolf or a melandru's stalker?

I'm playing gulid wars and wonder which animal is better? What is the difference? Thanks!
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They're absolutely the same except aesthetics
All pets are the same as far as functionality, only difference is some deal slashing damage and some piercing, one deals fire. Both wolf and melandru's stalker deal slashing damage.
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You can have as many pets as you want, if you "store" them at the Zaishen Menagerie. But the difference, as Mintha Syl said, is the type of damage.

The other thing you might want to keep in mind is that pets "evolve," depending on several factors as they gain levels.
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Old Jan 29, 2013, 08:03 AM // 08:03   #4
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Thx. Maybe i will try wolf
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To clarify: As others have said, there are few differences between pets. The difference is largely cosmetic, and a giant Polar Bear is no different from a little warthog. There are only three spots where the differences do matter:
  • Each pet has a particular damage type (slashing, piercing, or fire). Certain enemies have extra armor (or lower armor) vs. one of these types. Note that fire damage in GW, unlike in other games, does not necessarily mean burning.
  • Different animal "evolutions" create different balances of animal health and animal damage output. Note that this is independent of animal "type": a hearty Warthog will be functionally the same as a hearty Polar Bear..
  • One particular animal, the Black Bear, actually attacks slower than all other animals. The reason for this is that it also uses a skill (brutal mauling) that has a cast time (unlike other pet attacks, which do not). The disadvantage to this is that it lowers the pet's average dps. The advantage is that it can trigger certain "on attack" skills (think Paragon).
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If you are making this choice is presearing Prophecies, perhaps the better choice would be the stalker for only one reason. If you are taking this character to post, there is a quest in "Old Ascalon" that requires you to Charm a Stalker. The quest can be delayed or skipped, your choice though.
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