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Default Returning LDoA help

Ok so I played GW on and off since the release of NF and I own all 3 games plus Eotn and I recently have decided to come back after getting Windows on my mac and making sure it works with GW. I want to experience/do things I never before. To do this I want to make a new character most likely a Ranger in Proph and get LDoA and then re-play through all the games with him. Now I understand that there are these new things in Pre-Searing that make getting LDoA easier and make it so Death Leveling is no longer required. So now my question is what do I do when it comes to the quests and stuff in Pre to get LDoA. Do I do all the quests but not turn them in until level 19 or does it not matter anymore? Any Help is appreciated thank you all for your time.
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Old Feb 10, 2013, 12:02 AM // 00:02   #2
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Lieutenant Langmar in Ascalon City offers daily quests to characters who are at least level 10. This means death leveling is now pointless, and it doesn't really matter when you hand in the other quests (though for efficiency it'd probably be best to do it at level 9 or 19) as you've got a never ending supply of quests. See here for details:
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Here's some tip:
1. Only do the quests that gives you skills, don't complete them if it can be avoided.
2. Level up to 10, minimal level to get the new Vanguard Quests. Easiest is to just repeat Charr at the Gate quest without accepting reward). Level 8-10 are the hardest.
3. Either do Vanguard Quests for 1000 xp/day, or use quest to spawn high level mobs you kill over and over. Father Hamnet is a good quest, then repeatedly kill the two bandits spawning just outside Foible's Fair. Hardest levels will be 13, 16, and 19.
4. Cash in your quest rewards on either of thoose levels, the longer you wait the better.
5. This could take a month, or perhaps 2 weeks if you're hard core.
6. Fire Imp is very helpful.
7. Ranger is a good choice, many spawned foes include Firestarters, and your +30 innate armor vs. elemental is very helpful.
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Alright sounds good I will just Grind to 10 and the do the new quests and just accept the rewards from the other ones when I feel fit lol Thanks for the help
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