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Default Any way to find character names?

My wife has a problem. After playing Guild Wars for almost 6 years and GW2 nowhere in sight, my wife and I tried Aion and Warcraft. Our 9 year old granddaughter has discovered GW1 on a machine at our house and has begun playing. She was going to have my wife play gate monkey for her but my wife can't remember her character names for that account and the email address has been invalid for about 3 years.

Anyway for her to get a character name form any of the game files?

Any suggestions?

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Old Feb 21, 2013, 09:08 PM // 21:08   #2
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Dunno if she is the type to ever take screenshots but if you look in the /screens folder that should easily give you the character name. Call customer support. If you can provide them with enough info such as cd key, credit card on file, etc. they will most likely give you the character so you can login.
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Old Feb 21, 2013, 09:15 PM // 21:15   #3
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Some things/places to check:

-Whether she wrote it down either physically or digitally.
-Whether she posted it on any kind of forum/blog/wiki/email.
-Whether she has any screenshots.
-Whether she can contact anyone she used to play with that might remember.
-Whether she knows anyone who might have her on their friends list.

Other than that, contact support. As long as she can prove her identity (CD keys are the best way) then they should provide what she needs. The invalid email shouldn't be an issue.

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are we there yet?
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were your wife and you in a guild? (my hubby and I are in the same guild and even though he hasnt played in almost a year his character name still shows up on the roster, as well as his brother who hasnt played in even longer than hubby).

found an old allance thread you made....

are either of the names listed there your wifes character?
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I'll login to my accounts this weekend and if I haven't been kicked then I'll see. Thanks
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