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Default this combo any good?

I've heard that a Warrior/Dervish is extremely overpowered but I've also heard that a Monk/Mesmer can stop a tank in its tracks. What do you think? Which combo should I play? I was going to do Warrior/Assassin but not many people are happy with that build
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First off, are you talking about PvE or PvP?

You can take a look at gwpvx to get an indication of what's popular and more effective.
Just don't see it as an all powerful all knowing website of all great builds. But it does give you place to start considering what styles you prefer and what looks fun. ( Meta PvE | PvP )

I wouldn't consider Mo/Me "to stop tanks in it tracks". With tank I assume some heavy armored melee as "tanking" really refers to something else. Either you kill a melee by offensive spells (E, Rt?), or by turning their strength against them (Me, N), or simply shutting them down (Me, N). Or you go melee and hope your opponent bleeds out faster. Monks offensive line, Smiting, it more better suited for augmenting and complementing other damage dealers, for example using Strength of Honor, Smite Hex/Smite Condition.

Please tell more what kind of play style you like, and if PvP or PvE. Then it's easier to tell what professions and attributes that might work out better.

Some example of common roles:
* Ranged damage (spells, bows etc).
* Melee damage
* Supportive roles (either healing, protecting, or by augmenting others)
* Shutdown casters or melee neutralizing their damage.
* Farming, making lots of gold or perhaps finding rare items.
* Running, mainly helping people getting to places faster.
* Mission runners, doing missions for others (usually for a fee).
* Gimmicky, killing stuff in the odd or weird ways.

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Originally Posted by Trickson View Post
I've heard that a Warrior/Dervish is extremely overpowered but I've also heard that a Monk/Mesmer can stop a tank in its tracks. What do you think? Which combo should I play? I was going to do Warrior/Assassin but not many people are happy with that build
The great thing about GW is that there are no permanent choices. You can start out as a W/A but then later switch to W/D or anything else you want, and switch back again at will (when in town). You can save all your builds as templates so that you can switch easily and instantly between them.

If your build doesn't work out for whatever it is you want to do, try something else!
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Old Mar 20, 2013, 07:15 PM // 19:15   #4
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Since you're talking about W/D and W/A, I'm assuming that you're planning on using the Warrior's Endurance elite skill, which can only be captured in one of the desert missions before Augury Rock. If that's the case, I would like to add that W/A is by far my favourite Warrior build for general PvE and it should be fairly easy to compare them.

If you choose Dervish then you have access to Holy damage (from Heart of Holy Flame), enchantment removal (Test of Faith, Rending Touch, Winds of Disenchantment), self-hex removal (Pious Restoration), self-condition removal (Conviction) and you're probably going to use some of these attacks:
- Chilling Victory: +13 attack and all adjacent foes take 26 cold damage if your health is higher than theirs;
- Farmer's Scythe: +17 attack, recharges instantly if you hit more than 1 foe;
- Radiant Scythe: +25 attack, gain 6 energy;
- Victorious Sweep: +21 attack, gain 70 health if your foe has less health than you.

And if you choose Assassin then you have access to enchantment removal (Expunge Enchantments, Lift Enchantment, Signet of Twilight) and you're probably going to use these attack skills:
- Jagged Strike: +17 seconds of Bleeding, 0.5 seconds activation;
- Fox Fangs: +30 attack, 0.5 seconds activation;
- Death Blossom: +40 attack and all adjacent foes take 40 damage as well; since this is a Dual attack, it will automatically strike twice whenever used.

But if you want to stick with all Warrior skills then, with the Warrior's Endurance elite, you will probably pick Axe Mastery and you will have access to these attacks:
- Cyclone Axe: strike all adjacent foes with a +11 attack;
- Dismember: +18 seconds of Deep Wound;
- Executioner's Strike: +36 attack;
- Furious Axe: +31 attack;
- Swift Chop: +16 attack; deal 16 damage and 20 seconds of Deep Wound if blocked.

So, basically, you should use /D if you're fairly certain that you will be attacking 2 or more foes at once (which generally means that you will take the time to ball them up, which I never do) and use /A if want to kill single targets the fastest (the Assassin attacks have higher damage, shorter recharge, and a faster activation time than the other attack skills). The axe skills have decent single-target damage but their AoE damage is somewhat less than daggers and much less than scythes so their main benefit is that they can apply Deep Wound.

Ultimately it's your choice, I just like these kinds of strategic discussions
Also, my advice only applies to PvE. For PvP, I'm fairly certain that W/E is far more popular than any other combination.

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I think he would be referring to when the 55 Monk could out do a Warrior.
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The Warrior uses "Strength" as their special attribute giving armor penetration...however a Warrior/Dervish is pretty ineffective in the sense of using a scythe in will become subjected to 12 scythe which is low and 2 energy regen with 1% armor penetration for each point in strength. Assuming you have 12+1 that's 13% armor penetration and considering the scythe has no armor penetrating skills and the warrior has none usable on a scythe and can not use flash enchants heavily. It's typically a bad idea...maybe some use in PvE would work fine as the battles might not be long and team effect could counter any problems I don't know.

However if you're looking for peak performance from a warrior you need to go back to using the warriors main weapons and profession for the most part. A warrior can output 200 damage in one swing with a critical attack + skill attack and buffing.

I find them to be pretty needy myself in PvP that is...always needing weakness or blind drawn from them which if being camped drains the monks energy just in condition removal alone. Ranger has his mend touch, dervish has grenths fingers...warrior is stuck without it or having to drop a typically much needed skill for his condition removal or none at all.
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