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Old Mar 06, 2013, 07:01 AM // 07:01   #1
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Default How do you do it.. still cant figure it out.

Hey guys I was a long time guild wars player from start all the way to gw2... now i play that. I logged in the other day just to see how many people were onand stuff.. then i came on to here where i used to spend many hours.... i found someone selling a miniature kanaxai for 1500a... how is it possible how does someone save up so much money. i mean it cant be farming.... i mean in the time guild wars came out ive saved a bunch. got every profession obi armor and torment weapons... no super rare minis just a grawl. still dont see how someone caould save that many armbraces... also how many of those kanaxais are still around,,, the only person i thought that may have one was white wasabi but im not even sure if he plays anymore. well w/e give ur guys input i would love to here it! and hit me in gw2 if u want... same ign as gw1 Big pappa midnight
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Old Mar 06, 2013, 09:24 AM // 09:24   #2
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People who have managed to get money/a mini like that have probably done at least one of the following:

Power-traded intensively for years and years and years.
Bought a lot ectos/armbraces/zkeys illegally.
Actually obtained the mini fair and square through the contests (e.g. H'ween, Xmas, Mini-pet giveaways).

& The amount of Kanaxai's left, I've no idea. I usually see 1 or 2 people in Kamadan with the mini.

Correct me if i'm wrong peeps, but that's just my assumptions

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Old Mar 06, 2013, 05:16 PM // 17:16   #3
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There are other ways to get that much cash too.

There are shadowy ways that certainly violate the EULA, but I don't know how. Honest.

There are shabby ways like buying an item for a fraction of its value from someone who doesn't know it's true worth, and selling it for more than its worth,

And then there are people who gave the items away to someone who sold it.

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Old Mar 07, 2013, 02:19 AM // 02:19   #4
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Dot Rotten has given the most reasonable information, but the first step is to play the game.
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Old Mar 07, 2013, 04:30 AM // 04:30   #5
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Maybe some dupers never got banned
People with many accounts, exploiting pvp
Won a contest, some of those minis are worth hundreds of armbraces
A lot of DOA
Maybe some people got lucky and some idiot sold those mini for extremely cheap
Bought it illegally from online sites
The amount kanaxai in this game are unknown, since duping came around for the first time. according to wiki.
Power trade power trade.

other day I saw some guy on guru selling 5 pandas, and over 700a. I honestly don't know how people are obtaining all these minis, nevertheless thousands of ectos. I have been playing for over 7 years, If i sold all my weapons now, i would probably accumulate about 40-50a.
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Old Mar 07, 2013, 06:08 AM // 06:08   #6
are we there yet?
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without doing things that are illegal, you can power trade.
Back during the Xunlai tournaments ---getting points for picking the correct winners=lots of keys etc which could be traded for plat. etc.
Getting REALLY good drops from dungeons etc. (early days of the vs and cc).
UW runs=lots of ecto; back in the 55 days, and even not so long ago.
Farming and more farming and yes, more farming.
running dungeons and missions (hm dungeons were a few ectos each for the easy ones, up to 20 or 30 for the hard ones, do this multiple times a day=hundreds of ecto).

so there are plenty of ways to make LOTS of money in gw withOUT doing illegal stuff.
where is the 'all you can eat' cookie bar?
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Old Mar 07, 2013, 11:06 AM // 11:06   #7
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multi account doa can be rly nice (8accounts that get 2margo gems per account every 15minutes=64margo gems/hour)

also, those 5pandas were dupes (may 2012 dupe) that never got removed
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Old Mar 08, 2013, 03:19 AM // 03:19   #8
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Originally Posted by Coast View Post
multi account doa can be rly nice (8accounts that get 2margo gems per account every 15minutes=64margo gems/hour)

also, those 5pandas were dupes (may 2012 dupe) that never got removed
Yup, that's correct. I have seen them boasting about it too on other, more "shady" sites. The Karma/Ban Stick will catch them up, fo sho.

I received my wealth as an "inheritance" when my bro died(still miss you every day bro), invested it in OS bling & watched my worth increase. I wish I could swap everything to get him back tho.........

Power-trading was his forte.
ToPK ecto farming was mine.

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Old Mar 30, 2013, 08:57 PM // 20:57   #9
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Power trading.
I remember gawking over and over those prices and hearing "power trading". You probably need to have a reasonably high amount of platinum to start with and hunt suckers who would sell their expensive stuff for less then usual.
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Old Mar 30, 2013, 09:22 PM // 21:22   #10
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Actually it doesn't take much. I did it for a month or so a few years back. I started with a couple of white mini's and some cheap greens. Within 2 weeks I was trading for 100k + e items. It's just boring. That's just the biggest problem.
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Old Mar 30, 2013, 11:35 PM // 23:35   #11
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A way that I use to make some good cash every now and then:

Make sure you've collected all the mats from salvaging. (Don't sell anything except maybe bones.) Then check out the prices at the rare materials trader, use your current mats to make rares. You have to be careful about what mats you use to make what, because sometimes it's not worth it. Sometimes, though, you can make 50k without trying.
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Old Mar 31, 2013, 01:28 AM // 01:28   #12
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We're all answering a question the OP already knows much of, but doesn't actually care about.
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Old Apr 02, 2013, 04:24 PM // 16:24   #13
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Most of your big cash comes from PvP even though most people don't believe it who spend a lot more time farming and trading.

Check for the Zaishen GvG quest and accept it.

Quickly form your team and build, enter a rated battle. (A large percent of the time you find resign guilds, it's not hard to gain one win in less than 10 minutes.)

Return for your reward and gain Balth Faction, 50 Copper Coins and Gold. (1,500 Gold and 9,000 Balth Faction) This basically means through the faction of battle you should get 2 zkeys for your balth faction each quest when sold for say 7k each thats 14k + your 1.5k = 15.5k every 10 minutes.)
Additionally you can save up the copper coins to sell as well but I personally save them.

Retake the quest and continue the process as long as you can endure.

The estimated time for this to reach 100k is about 1 hour. However you do this during a double balth faction for gvg event or any extra perks they might have for gvg events and your looking at more money.
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Old Apr 08, 2013, 11:10 PM // 23:10   #14
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Before the ban to Shadowform and the introduction of Dhuum, Many teams could complete the Underworld in 8-15 minutes, even pugs. Many guilds spent full days grinding run after run and that adds up quickly. Ecto prices sky-rocketed at certain times and if they sold at the right time they could make some pretty decent coin.
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