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Default Suggestions of what to do next?

So I've played GW (the original) for 6 years now and I'm starting to get bored. I mostly play with a W/Mo tank build and a SS with my necro. I used to do a lot of farming in the Underworld with some friends but they're all switching to World of Warcraft. I don't really want to switch..just wondering what people think about guild wars and how it compares to WoW. You know, tell me some stories that made you go %$!* I love this game. Looking for some motivational stories/ideas to get me back into weird as that may sounds

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First fix your keyboard, I think your shift key is broken.

Second, it's a very tricky question. Personally I'm planning on joining a flock of players to play this game from the start on a new account. That means no money or items from main account, and no outside trades. The only trades would be within the group or other groups playing by the same rules. In essence mimicing playing on a new server.
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Originally Posted by Divine Image View Post
I mostly play with a W/Mo tank build and a SS with my necro.
There's your problem. You only apparently have two general builds. Have you tried all the various damage or knock-down warrior builds? You'll find they're a lot less useless than filling your bar with tank skills and Healing Breeze. Necromancers have hero set ups to work with Mark of Pain + Assassin's Promise. They also have Fevered Dreams condition builds, nukes, support, and minions. It just sounds like you haven't really experienced much Guild Wars outside a few general and farming builds that are either stale or out of date.

Try things, PUG daily Zaishen stuff, and mess with heroes.
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