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Default Hello all

Hi guys i have just started to come back to guild wars after a long absence. Are there still active people in this game. Was thinking of making a mesmer? I used to love solo farming and was a regular in uw and fow. Has farming changed much in the years? Would love to make a mesmer and get fow armour or is this a pipe dream?. My characters that i have just opened there 7th birthday present are Ranger 20, warrior 20, rit 20, ele 20, paragon 20, necro 20 and a monk 20. Would like to go for titles(not for GW2 as i dont like the game, too different to GW1). Going back to farming my favorite was trapping solo in uw. Is there still possible solo builds for uw/fow?.

Your help is appreciated
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Yes to all your questions. People seem to hang around higher end areas and Zaishen daily quests. Find an active guild and alliance.
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I definitely agree with Cuilan. Everything still works, there just aren't as many active people. Find an active guild and alliance and you are sure to have a blast.

If you need reference material about quests, builds, or just guild wars in general, here are some good sites to use. -- A general wiki of everything. -- A decent database of quality skill sets, try not to rely on it too much though.

And of course, gwguru, for all your specific questions.
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