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Default PvP question

New to PvP. I've played random arenas for some time now. How do I play in 8 vs 8 PvP battles? Do I need to join a guild, or is there a place where it randomly does this? Thanks.
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Short answer, yes, you need to join a guild to get into competitive 8v8 pvp.

Long answer is that there are other formats like Jade Quarry, Fort Aspenwood, Alliance Battles, and Heroes Ascent that involve 8 player per team, 12 in Alliance Battles. Unfortunately, due to the current state of the game, these are hardly ever populated, leaving your two options as Random Arenas and high level Guild versus Guild. You may be able to find matches in JQ and FA this week though, because of the weekly bonus.

Take a look at if you want more information.
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Alliance Battles seems to be straight-up empty.
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Originally Posted by Zahr Dalsk View Post
Alliance Battles seems to be straight-up empty.
Such a shame. GW pvp is still the best ever in any game, and there's no one playing it because they think no one is playing it. Gah.
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If you wanna GvG easily, you should join EDGE that play Ats/MaTs/ladder with always diferent players. Then if ur good , you can guest for top guilds
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