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Default about eotn heroes

I have all eotn heroes except Livia. I've already completed Northern Allies, and The Missing Vanguard. I'm currently working on The Knowledgable Asura.

During the cutscenes, I notice that Ogden, Jora, Vekk, and Gwen usually have something to say. My question is, do all eotn heroes have cutscene dialog?

I currently have other heroes in my party, but they're from other campaigns and find them more useful than some of the eotn heroes. But I'd consider switching them out to hear eotn heroes in the cutscenes. Thanks.
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The cutscenes are always going to be the same, no matter what heroes are in your party. So don't worry about it.

However, certain heroes will say something in Party Chat during certain quests. For example, if you do Warband of Brothers with Gwen in your party then this conversation will happen:
Seer Fiercereign: "Did you bring these human slaves to carry your pack, Pyre? Or are they lunch?"
Gwen: "Slaves? You brutal animal! all you can do is bite the hand that rescues you!."

And if you bring Gwen in the Underworld then she will talk to her mother's spirit.

The same may apply to other heroes but I don't know for which heroes and in which quests.
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no, all of them do not have cutscenes..
Xandra and Kahmu are gotten during the norn tournament with magni so there is no cutscene with that, Hayda is gotten thru a side quest as well--no cutscene, but if you do her quest while you do finding gadd she will show up. Anton is another side quest, nothing but dialog boxes for him.
So I think its only the 6 core professions (vekk, ogden, gwen, jora, pyre, and livia) that get their own cutscenes. And ogden, vekk and gwen will show up in almost all of them since they are 'recruiting' for the fight vs the destroyers.
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Well for me Liva is my favourite hero and always went for her first in eotn

She has a lot to say also , my favourite quote was , leave all the dirty work to me I will take care of it. And most of all my personal opinion also she is the best looking female in gw
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