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Default Kurzick Faction

I'm trying to find the best place to get Kurzick faction for myself using heroes. So far I've been doing Morostav Trail, but the most I get doing a full clear is 5,500. Is there another place that gives twice, triple or even quadruple times the Faction?

Update: I just finished a full clear in Morostav Trail on hard mode for 25k Kurzick faction. Can this be repeated?

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HM will net you more faction, not sure the numbers (I stink at the math parts )

but I suggest finding out when kurzick areas are on the zvanquish...that way you can take the bounty and when you are done vanquishing turn it in for yet even more faction (plus some plat and zcoins--which you can trade for other stuff if you dont want them).

Drazach Thicket is a popular area to clear (used to be speed clear groups for it), its pretty fast but not the highest rewards. Melandru's hope is coming up in the next few days (its my favorite one to clear, but others hate it because of the patrols).
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MT clean can be repeated as often as you want and you will get 25k each time.

Though I would advice you to wait for AB or FA/JQ bonus weeks. It's incredibly easy to get the title to max by now (sadly it isn't worth much anymore). You can easily get 1/3 of the maxtitle within one week.
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If you want as much faction while vanquishing then I suggest you do the places that have the most bosses. Ferndale and Eternal Grove have 8 bosses, Morostav Trail and Mourning Veil Falls have 9 bosses, but MVF can have 10 bosses if you have the quest Norn Catering, which is part of the GW Beyond content.

And, yes, all vanquishes can be repeated as often as you want.
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