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Default Tring to get hero armour


I'm on a mission to get as much hero armour as possible. These are my notes so for. If anyone can read through them and see if I'm correct id appreciate it.

I have the original game and EotN.
Gunnar in Gunnars Hold will craft 1 set of the armour with a Deldrimor armour remnant (maybe more??)
To get the Armour Remnant I have to complete the main quest in EotN. Currently I'm getting the aid of the Asura - the GOLOM quest.
Completing the main quest will then open the dungeon required to get the armour remnant.

I can also get Lieutenant Thackeray in Ice Cliff Chasms to give me the above or a Cloth of the Brotherhood that will enable me to get hero armour.

Can I get Gunnar to craft more than one set of armour? Can I do the dungeon/scavenger hunt multiple times? I get a bit confused on how do upgrade my hero's armour after doing the above.
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Yes, you can farm the armor from the dungeon, and Gunnar will make as much armor as you can stand to farm, and equip all your EotN heroes if you wish.

After you unlock the sequence for the picnic, Thackeray will reward you with random items which may include hero armor, but you can only obtain 4 parcels from him on each character, so it's not farmable with this method unless you can devote expendable characters to it.
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there are two sets of armor that you can get for your Eotn heroes, one is from gunnar the other is from Kor in the central transfer chamber.
The areas that you do for those armors can be repeated, loads of people do glints challenge (for the brotherhood armor) farming.

one armor remnant will allow you to change one hero's armor, so each one you get will allow you to change one hero's armor (get 2 =change 2, 3 changes 3 etc), all you need to do is have the armor remnant in your inventory, have unlocked the hero who's armor you wish to change and speak to the npc...he will ask which hero you wish to change, he will take one remnant per hero.

helpful wiki link:
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