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Default Pre-Searing Vanguard Buff

Okay, I used the search tool and didn't find my topic of question... Hope this hasn't already been asked/answered.

I've seen people say that (in Pre-Searing) the armor buff you get while you have a Vanguard Quest active makes Armor Insignias useless. Is there any truth to this?

If I have the Vanguard armor buff, will my armor insignias (such as Minion Master) not stack with this buff?
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talk page has people trying, normal page says what people found out

i dont know that much myself, but seems that a shield doesnt do anything, but bonusses on an offhand and weapon does

also, john stumme said
"It overrides the value of your armor and adjusts it to an appropriate level for the content - it's very similar to how Journey to the North works (and the quirks that come along with it.)"
found that on the talk page i gave you, good luck with this, and i hope most of it is true, so that you can use it

to answer you question, it says this on the normal page "However, preliminary testing shows that armor-boosting insignias have no effect."
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Default Thanks!

Thank you, Ayuhmii! This is exactly what I needed. I appreciate you taking the time to find this information.
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