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Originally Posted by Jantey Muchiha View Post
I was also considering returning to Guild Wars, as I am getting so sick of all the other Mmo's. If anyone has a European English speaking Guild that like to do things together, please do not hesitate to give me a Shout or an Invite. Will probably be under the name I have on the Forum.

Welcome to ANA & alliance maybe
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Originally Posted by August Kohr View Post
Hi all, I'm a pretty active player trying to get back into having some friends on here. Feel free to message me for a new pal! My IGN is August Kohr, and I love doing basically everything in PvE. But if I find enough friends I might start doing PvP too.
Add me : Daiconan il Barba


Originally Posted by Magentis View Post

Welcome to ANA & alliance maybe
Add me : Daiconan il Barba
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Originally Posted by ShootEm View Post
Hey guys,

I've been away from Guild Wars for a little while after the disappointment with GW2 and I've been wanting a good MMO to play, and nothing beats good ol Guild Wars... My only question is, is the community still active?

Are there still enough active players to enjoy big guilds, Kurz/Lux fights, PvP and all that?

Really missin GW but I want to know that theres still a community before I go out and buy a new account.

Yup...Im a little concerned. Just bought the download and key from Theres about 30 players standing around dancing and a few go scurrying by. I like the social aspect of mmo's. So far not too find me if you want a running buddy. Im Monk: Areola Maximus
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