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Default Gwen?

So, I played GW1 back in the day, and as a lot were, I was disappointed with GW2. Recently, I wanted to start playing GW1 again. I forgot a character name so I had to contact "support." It only took a month or so to get my account back. As expected, I'm having a lot of fun. I have all the campaigns, but I want to get the expansion. I'm not about to pay $20 for it. Where would the best place be to get a key?
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NVM. Apparently I got 1 for free?
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In order to access GW:EN, you need to have a character who is level 10 or higher, and can talk to Len Caldoron in Lion's Arch, Minister of Maintenance Raiugyon in Kaineng Center, or Bendah in Kamadan. If they give you a quest then you know you have GW:EN on your account.

As for where to buy it, I don't know. Try ebay.
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are we there yet?
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ebay only if its a sealed copy.

I have yet to find a cheap copy of eye of the north (part of the reason I have 3 accounts without it), you might find one at a gaming shop or online someplace, if you are lucky.
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Here is a digital version you can get for ~11 USD. It's a Polish site but I've used it before and it's perfectly legit.
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