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Default Help a returning player.


I stopped playing Guild Wars right before Guild Wars 2 released and I miss the first one so much, but because of the gap I've had, I am probably going to have a hard time adjusting to changes. I am also interested in bringing atleast one other friend who hasn't played the game before.

So I am really just wondering about the general state of the game, how is the playerbase? Is there still a working market etc...

I am also wondering if speedclears are still possible, with FoWsc and MTsc specially in mind. Anyone remember if there has been any changes to speedclears? Big or small?

Have they even changed the skills around at all? It would be a bummer if my heroes suddenly can't do anything haha.

Anyways, thanks for any help!
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In short: the game is pretty much the same way as you left it. The only updates that occur are for automation purposes.

-The last skill update was before you left.

-There are certainly still people playing, though they're focused around certain activities/areas, i.e, you won't tend to find people in random out of the way outposts or be able to just casually group up for missions. I don't think the situation is any different to how it was in late 2012 though. Joining a guild is recommended.

-In terms of speedclears, teleportation skills act the same as shadow stepping in that they won't allow you to jump to inaccessible locations. Again, I don't think that's a recent change.

-The market is certainly still functional, though it may take a little while to get used to current prices and such. Other people could probably elaborate.
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Some Speadclears changed quite a lot since GW2 released. SoO and DoA for example. But if you are accustomed to the regular style of speedclears you will obviously learn them fast. Just make it clear for your group that you might not know the current way.

rest as said.
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