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Old Jul 03, 2014, 08:26 PM // 20:26   #1
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Default Thinking about Buying GW1 , Can you solo end game content?

I used to play GW1 back on 2005 and really kept me interested up to lvl 20 which i didn't know what to do next and left the game for good. Now after a lot of years, i started to play gw2 and i've been told that your story through gw1 matters and they actually reward you with a lot of interesting stuff (well, kinda, they just give you titles and skins, but i love that). So my question is, besides getting the game just because of doing the achievements for HoM (getting the 30-50 points) Is the high end game soloable? I mean, i'm not talking about pvp, just pve. I saw a lot of videos with the so called "heroes" that let you go through content like if they were other people, but let's say i want to do the most "difficult raid" (i don't know if the term "raid" applies to gw1) will i ever need the help of others players or just the IA (heroes) will do just fine?

And a plus question, because i lost my account created back in 2005 and there's no way i'm getting it back. Let me say that first, i don't care, GW is such a worthy game or at least that's what my memory recalls because of the so awesome experience i had in the past. I was thinking into buying the game once again, specifically the "guild wars trilogy "one (all exps)

But my question is : is the game still worth buying? I'm saying this because i'm aware this is somewhat a "dead game" and i'm not sure if the devs are planning to shut down this game soon. What do you guys think ?

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Old Jul 03, 2014, 10:11 PM // 22:11   #2
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shut down? as far as i know, they still get money from it (ncsoft AND arenanet), plus if they would do that, they would lose alot of people in both games

soloable, well, i dont know about the underworld, but i do know people can use heroes to do DoA and FoW (also 2 elite areas) (at least on Normal Mode) without anyone else

so i guess almost everything can be done with heroes (which cannot be used in pvp, so dont try unlock them if you consider pvp, with balthazar faction. thats a waste)
if you find the right guild and alliances, you can do so much with help, and you can become better to use heroes for almost all things in GW

then the weekly events and nicholas (npc which gives 5 gifts per account every week, for enemy dropped trophies.... just look at guildwars wiki for the list) always keep people busy, even in AB and JQ and FA, which are pvp (which are dead mostly)

year events still are going, they are automated, but you can now get any hat/mask you want (only one or two per year on your account, depending on the event) every year
not to forget zaishen quests which give you zaishen coins, which you can use to get certain items, or just sell, and those quests change daily
we have (for pve) zaishen mission, zaishen bounty (boss you have to hunt down) and zaishen vanquish, you can do mission and bounty on both NM and HM (normal mode and hard mode, in case you didnt know), vanquish (vq for short) can only be done on HM

so yes, heroes get you real far in the game, and if you find the right friends and guild, you can get help with stuff you cant do on your own

also, dont open "guildwars will be shut down" mail, cuz the same phishing mail has "guildwars 2 will be shut down" mail too, and anet doesnt just mail you like that

the only thing you'd need to do, is find good people to be friends with, and active and helpful guilds, with those good, you can do like everything
also can look for help on this site (just read the rules, as you may not ask for free, for example) and i bet many people are offering help here too (some even for free, as asking help may not be free, but offering help may be done for free, just like giving away items is allowed, but asking free items isnt, or else it becomes a beg topic)

just buy it when you can, and take the time to get used to it (again), learn more about heroes and what builds you should use, and find the right people to be with

note: i cant help with much of the harder stuff, so am not offering, but if you'd find me ingame and if i have time to help with something easy, i'd do it
and there's more people who would do so

EDIT: almsot forgot, go to american districts, most people are there all the time

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Old Jul 03, 2014, 10:22 PM // 22:22   #3
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-All of PvE, with no exceptions whatsoever, can be completed with a full AI team (i.e, heroes), in Hard Mode and without the use of consumables. Granted, some things are exceptionally difficult, but these are the exception rather than the norm. There's been a boatload of power creep over the years.

-Anet have said the running cost for the GW1 servers are negligible and thus will keep them online for as long as people continue to play.
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Old Jul 04, 2014, 04:42 AM // 04:42   #4
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Thanks a lot for great answers guys. It makes me happy that this game is still going on, today i downloaded the free trial and man, sweet memories are back, game is so like it used to be and i'm glad i feel totally lost because i can enjoy learning how to play the game once again. Ah, and don't worry Ayuhmii, you already helped a lot.

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Old Aug 01, 2014, 08:01 AM // 08:01   #5
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Hi, I'm also looking to return to guildwars, played Nightfall back in the day.

The reason is that my girlfriend is moving to other side of world, and we want something to do together. She has a mac, and most mmo's won't run on it, but I heard guildwars is easy to emulate.

So I'd just play it to quest with her; don't really mind if there arn't many other people, as long as we can still progress without them. Hero's are only in nightfall right? but bots are in all versions?

Between the Original, factions and Nightfall, which has more players?
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Old Aug 01, 2014, 09:20 AM // 09:20   #6
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Originally Posted by Chooty View Post
Hero's are only in nightfall right? but bots are in all versions?
Eye of the North also offer heroes. EotN is an expansion to an existing campaign, so you still need one of the other games to run it.
Technically you can also have heroes with just Prophecies or Factions, but that costs extra, in form of Mercenary Heroes.

With bots I assume you mean Henchman, sort of like heroes but with set skills and weapons. Then yes they're in all the games.

In fact Henchmen are better than heroes in beginning until you unlocked enough skills for them.

There's also Pre-Searing, a sub-culture in game where people don't really play much, but might be a good meeting grounds. You can try out this in the trial of the game. There's always people there.

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Old Aug 01, 2014, 08:16 PM // 20:16   #7
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Chooty-All the campaigns, Prophecies, Factions, Nightfall, and Eye of the North can and should be interconnected. Create a character in any one, except EotN, and move between all, after reaching a "port" city, and doing a quest. Must be at least level 10 to enter EotN.

Also added was Embark Beach. Before going there, try to have a mission or two done, to make it easier to leave. Embark Beach has sign posts with the daily bounty, mission, and vanquishes. They can also be found in The Temple of Balthazar.

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Old Aug 02, 2014, 10:41 AM // 10:41   #8
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Thx for the replies,
Ok count us in then!

I showed her some gameplay vids and she was enthusiastic. I guess we best start with prophesies.

2 more questions if I may:
- If we gonna duo it all we better be compatible; are there any proffesion duo's to avoid or that work very well?
- Can you reset your skillpoints (it has a diffirent name I know, but you know what I mean) for free, or are they permanent investments?
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Old Aug 02, 2014, 11:03 AM // 11:03   #9
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you can switch skill points whenever you want, in towns and outposts
i dont know about the duo part, sry about that
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are we there yet?
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I would start with any combo but avoid mesmer as its not the easiest to learn well.
My hubby and I started with him playing warrior and I played ele. We then tried him playing ele and me doing necro---both of these play well together.
where is the 'all you can eat' cookie bar?
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Old Aug 02, 2014, 03:14 PM // 15:14   #11
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Most profession combos should work out fine, it mostly depends, what u two want to play. A few things I (personally) would consider:
  • You should consider adding 1 melee class (War, Derv, Sin) because then a human player can pull. A combination with a caster class should work out pretty good (especially a healer)
  • You should add at least one offensive player. I find it really annoying to play as Monk with heroes because u more or less have to pull.
Just my 2 cents. But like I said: u can make every combination work, u can build a good team with 6 heroes that can adapt to the situation. So ur preferred profession should be usually ur first choice.
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Old Aug 02, 2014, 03:24 PM // 15:24   #12
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The Reddit Alliance is pretty active consider joining one of our guilds we are newbie friendly so she need not feel intimidated there.

As to soloing End Game content; yes, but some of the very Elite/Master level content; DoA, some of the harder EoTN Dungeons, Urgoz or the Deep; it can be very difficult; but those are exactly the zones it is generally easiest to organize player groups for because of the level of challenge; and for the most part level of reward.


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Old Aug 02, 2014, 04:48 PM // 16:48   #13
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Yea I think I'm gonna let her pick first and then counter;

if she picks warrior, beastmaster ranger or minions Necro; I'll pick elementalist or Mesher depending in which storyline/world we start. Too bad she insist on playing real genders, bc that male elementalist outfit ain't the manliest

If she picks anything else, I'll go warrior or comparable.

Thanks for all the help guys, I hope more new players find their way back like this.
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Old Aug 11, 2014, 09:20 AM // 09:20   #14
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So we started with the trail (no worries, gonna buy the game tomorrow), 2 observations:

- Doesn't seem dead, I still saw enough people around in the starting area's.
- free try limitations are retarded; can't even form a party with my gf :-/
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Old Aug 11, 2014, 10:22 AM // 10:22   #15
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Originally Posted by Chooty View Post
can't even form a party with my gf :-/
There are herbal remedies that can help with that. Try a bottle of booze too

Or the little blue diamonds pills.....
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