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Default about today's guilds

i have a few questions about guilds in today's state of gw.

1) What kind of guilds do returning players, and players in general join in?

2) What kind of guilds are most active?

3) Does anyone make new guilds, and would people join them?
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Old Jan 14, 2015, 11:38 PM // 23:38   #2
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alot i saw joined faction based, speedclear based and mostly non-NM kind of guilds

but enough normal pve guilds left

you just gotta find the right one, or else you end up in ones which are busy so much, they barely even chat
now i'm in new allies again, cuz i have been in dying allies and guilds, and faction based ones, which barely even helped people on starter areas (not counting pre searing)

making new guilds is hard to do, unless you have so many who like that same kind of guild, and preferences are different for people

people say "GW is dead" but what they mean is "its far less populated than years ago" which makes it hard to find the right guilds, and in case you amke a guild, its harder to find people to let join

also, top ranked allies (having a town like HzH and cavalon) may have enemies who try to bring them down, so they can be nr1.... kind of a true guildwar, but no fun to those looking for fun with others

well, this is from what i experienced myself (several times), so i thought i'd share this
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Old Jan 15, 2015, 12:53 AM // 00:53   #3
Ascalonian Squire
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Yeah i was kinda afraid of that.

I understand gw has less population than before and i can understand that most of the players are old "veterans" with several fully geared up characters and they pretty much finished the missions and focus on money and speedclears.

I just thought it would be a nice thing to create my own guild. Tho besides the obvious problems you mentioned already, theres also the problem where im gone half of the year (working on a ship)

My idea was to create a guild that would add players who play all sorts of various things that anyone could team up and join them or help them out.

From pre searing,missions, helping out ,running, trading,doing some sort of challenges (missions as well as imaginated challenges) Vanquishing, Hm missions, even dungeons (without the requirement of having a epic SP team build)

But i guess in order to do ANY of that id have to have lots of players join the guild.
Even more so to make the guild active 24/7 because of timezones.

But i guess ill stick with my large alliance which i see everywhere in the game.

I can only hope im right when i think that among all those people in the alliance there are people that can do anything i just mentioned.

And so far they havent dissapointed me
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