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Default Returning Players Guide to GW1?

Hi there lads and ladies,

I want to know if any one can point me to an existing returning players guide/video for GW1? I know that many things may have changed since (I would estimate) when I stopped play back in 2010. I just burned out on the HoM challenge and accepted that I would have at least a couple of cool skins for GW2.

If there isn't a guide out there, what if any significant changes have occurred? Is random arena plus team arena still available or is it that codex arena thing still in the game? I was very much into PvP after I got all classes to max an kept a PvP slot open. The plan is that I want to play just a bit of PvE action so I can focus on finding out of my old guild is kicking around or not. It's always better to try to team up with a PvP guild in my experience when playing it, even casually (as I now plan to not play as hardcore as I was into PvP).

Thanks for any advice.
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I don't know of any, probably because there isn't really a need for one. Content-wise, there are three plotlines which branch from GW1 into GW2. You may have played the first, War in Kryta.

In terms of skill updates, there was a rework of Eles and Mesmers, at least for PvE. No skill updates have happened since mid-late 2012. Current meta builds can be found at

Team Arena hasn't come back; Codex Arena hasn't been removed.
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A guide has been started in the Community Works forum.
Wolftail's Welcome Back Guide
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