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Default Why cant use heroes

I have prophecies factions and nightfall right now i play a d/w carácter and i already unlocked 8 héroes and i want to use with other carácter in prophecies in the same account but i cant use my unlocked héroes anyone knows why? I need to finish the nf camping to use héroes?
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You need to get your Prophecies character to Lion's Arch so he can travel to Nightfall. Each character has to unlock the heroes for themselves, it is not account wide.
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The heroes are unlocked for PvP use on ANY PVP-ONLY character (Zaishen Mission and Zaishen Elite only IIRC) once you unlock them on on a PVE character, however you will have to unlock them on each PVE character by playing through the campaigns.

For a prophecies character, once you finish the quest Sunspears in Kryta (source-, you may unlock Dunkoro, Tahlkora, Koss, and Melonni right outside Kamadan. The rest of the heroes require you to complete the same quests you did on your NF character.
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