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Default starting with gw1, which expansions to buy?

hello i want to start with guild wars 1 should i buy the standard version or any expansion or the trilogy? is the standard version enough to start?

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if you wanna pay less, buy trilogy + platinum edition, its cheaper than eye of the north, somehow

you better start with all, so you can try out, but at least join a nice guild, which can help you out
i'm in a good guild, so can PM me here

but if you like to try others, you can also do that

so yeah, trilogy + platinum = cheapest, plus you have some bonusitems you can use on all characters, but need to use the /bonusitems command on each char, as the items are customized, meaning only that character and its heroes can use it (long story, first learn about the game)

welcome to GW1 world, its different from all other MMORPG's, but much easier to learn and to get used to
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are we there yet?
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the best choice would be the complete collection, as it has all three chapters as well as eye of the north.
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can you still buy that?
i dont remember it being in the store
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Old May 30, 2015, 02:27 AM // 02:27   #5
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Afaik the complete collection was only available as a physical copy. Not sure why. As such, if the OP can find it at his/her local tech store that'd be ideal, but if not (s)he'll need to buy two products to have all four campaigns/expansions.

@OP: By "standard edition" you probably mean the original campaign, now referred to as "Prophecies". Each of Prophecies, Factions and Nightfall are stand alone, so all you need to get started is one of those. Eye of the North is an expansion which requires you to have one of those. It's much more price efficient to just buy a pack with multiple products though. Also, I'd like to point out that the prices in the official store don't make much sense, for example, you can get Factions for $30 or the Trilogy edition, which gets you all three campaigns, for exactly the same price. You'll also likely find them much much cheaper elsewhere ($10 per campaign or cheaper), though the Trilogy seems good value. If you're interested in getting into GW it's worth getting them all.
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Old May 30, 2015, 12:54 PM // 12:54   #6
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Yeah buy all three campaigns in one, much much cheaper. Your characters can hop about from campaign to campaign once they reach the major port city of each which comes decently early in Factions and Nightfall. If you buy the three-in-one you get more free character slots to start with too.

I started a character in each campaign and when I felt I got bogged down in one then I'd take up another character and move on and get that spark of fun going again. Also the Prophecies character needed to get over to Factions campaign to get max armor and "ascension" quicker.

Also Eye of the North -- the expansion -- is cheap to get at same time. It gives you more heroes. You can head "north" from any campaign pretty early too. Just get to level 10 which is easy and quick and the quests to head north open up in each campaign by that same port city in each.
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