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Default attacks hitting adjacent foes

2 questions:

1. If I use Great Dwarf Weapon on a hero with Hundred Blades, will the additional damage and knock down chance apply to adjacent foes?

2. If a hero uses Steelfang Slash while Hundred Blades is active, will he get the adrenaline gain from adjacent foes that are knocked down? Thanks.

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I just test #1 in the Isle of the Nameless and my hero never KD's adjacent foes while she had both Hundred Blades and GDF active. Judging from that, I'd assume that Steelfang Slash would only give the adrenaline gain from 1 foe while Hundred Blades is active.
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Hundred Blades does not deliver any additional attacks only physical damage, which is why attack related effects only occur to your current target.
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Hundred blades does not count as an "attack" for any purposes, it only applies X physical damage to adjacent foes per attack. The only foe that counts as "attacked" is the regular foe you are targeting.

Hope that clears things up
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