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Default Lost Account

So I haven't played in like 5 years and want to play my character again however I no longer remember the password and no longer have the access code. I do have one of my player names but I still need more info. Does anyone know anyway to recover my account?

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You're at the mercy of support. It may be possible that Anet will consider your personal information (name, address, etc) enough to confirm your identity and reset your password. If you know the account name too I suspect that'd be enough. The character name alone won't get you anywhere. Account access is pretty much the only thing support care about nowadays so I'd think they'd certainly be willing to try and work something out.
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I don't why people make Anet CS such a dire issue (maybe for banning) but when I have had to interact with them, the responses were always withing 24 hours. It's been a while since I had to recover account info, but I think they are just going to ask for the info you used to set up the account. So just do it.
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Not long ago I have been able to recover my 10 year old hacked account aswell.

They basicly will ask you when You've purchased the game, what you're birthday is, you're secret question/answer, and charracter name(s).
But the main thing you will need too recover you're account are the Key Codes from the game itself for them too verify if the name you give matches with the accounts ID.

But if you dont know the email, charracter name or have the game keys.
Then it can prove to be quite difficult for them that you are not a suspected hacker.
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