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Originally Posted by Gadd Fan View Post
Good luck. Glad to see you having fun and making progress.

About runes I always do minor runes for professions. In backliners. Cause then I can do Radiant for extra energy instead of Survivor on the chest and legs say. And some runes are very cheap so you can rune out some skills nicely through the rune trader. Obviously some are really expensive.

But you can get runes of Minor Vigor (+30 to your health) for free with about 15 to 20 minutes work. Endlessly. Great for all your heroes to have.

1. Create a new character in NF and you take a first quest of "Armored Transport" given by armorer Mehinu in Kamadan right after tutorial mission. That's where you escort the guy over to the Sunspear Hall easy peesey.

2. After you collect reward for same that opens up "Stolen Shipment" quest from Kailona the rune trader in Kamadan (she is kind of near the front gate). Map to Sunspear Hall and run around the back and pick up the stolen shipment and she will give you a free Minor Vigor rune just like that.

That Minor Vigor rune cannot be sold to anyone including in game rune traders (prevents using it as a cash farm) but works the same as a Minor Vigor you would buy otherwise. Anet is fine with you farming it for use on your characters in other words. Also if you score a Minor Vigor rune at Kilroy's or whatever you can sell that one for a decent profit to the Rune Trader.

Like I say, Minor Vigor is great for heroes instantly giving them +30 health points and even new characters (you) until you can afford Superior Vigor or even Major Vigor. (BTW Superior Vigor is the best rune going in my opinion).

Rune out your heroes as much as possible. You just need an expert -- not perfect -- salvage kit to remove a rune from one of them and move to another since their armor (unlike yours) isn't breakable. And the tokens you get in NF for the 2 quests above can help pay for expert salvage kits. Win-win.

Also salvage all items in higher end areas like the North for iron, dust and even bone I'd say. Feathers absolutely. Even stone and wood have their uses. 50 wood + 50 iron = perfect salvage kits. Grail of might = 50 iron + 50 dust for example. The AI characters to trade with for these can be found in the middle of Embark Beach.

Look up feather farm on wiki. Feathers are usually the most expensive item of the lot. (Used for Essence of Celerity with dust). It's right on the island where Shing Jea monastery is. You want money? These materials go into making con sets (also read wiki).

You can also sell the raw materials for cash even to the common raw material trader or people in Kamadan looking for the materials to build their own con sets if you only have material of one kind say. And you just use regular salvage kits to salvage them too so it costs next to nothing and you make nice money from it.

You have that storage pane you can open up for 50 gold is it to store the materials in too. Though I usually have a storage character just to carry around the extra stacks I make. I pretty much have always salvaged stuff from 8-party areas in all campaigns. That's how I made money to start with since I'm not a farmer other then some feather farming and Kilroy's rune farming so that is how I made my money in the game.

Other money maker I used was with Z missions, Z bounties, Z VQs. You can sell Z Silver Coins in Kamadan too if you get a surplus but I use them for lockpicks and tomes more. And the big 15 slot equipment pack all my toons use cause I like weapons and different armors for them.

And I usually merch higher priced items if I don't think the salvage is greater for them. Never really looked to make money. Money just gets made as you play along in the game I find. It just adds up over time.
I have been A little under the weather this last week so a bit of a late reply but that minor vigor rune trick is super for someone like me that has on vitae stuff! I know what I'm doing
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