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Default Hall of Monuments

I have started playing GW1 recently and was looking for guides to obtaining Hall of Monuments points. I saw that on this guide ( it says to be a Ritualist (which I did) then to get those pets... I cant figure out how to get the ability to get the pets. Also I noticed I somehow have 3 Hall of Monument points, but I don't even know what I did. Is there a way to see what I accomplished to get them? Also is there a newer guide to doing this?
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You get 3 points for just having guildwars--you did nothing other than that to get those points.
Never been to the link you showed before---so try this one:

if you scroll down you will see the 'see also' where you can choose the guide to earning rewards which is a much more complete source for that information--on that page there is a few different ways to earn the points (quick, cheap, etc).
The wiki is a good choice for guildwars information for all things guildwars (armors, skills, pve/pvp, etc).
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Dont forget this link as well. Thats the one we used to use before GW2 came out to calculate the rewards to take over;
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You've already been provided with excellent links but I just wanted to encourage you to feel free to ask us any specific questions about obtaining some of the harder or more complicated HoM statues. There's a lot of veterans, such as myself, who still lurk these forums

Also, about that guide, I disagree with a small part of 3.1 and 5.1 where it recommends buying the Black Moa Chick minipet, an Oppressor weapon and Cloths of the Brotherhood. I think those things could be gained the normal way, without trading with other players.
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