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Old Dec 10, 2015, 02:47 AM // 02:47   #1
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Smile Who's Still Playing?

Who is still playing lately? I've recently started playing again.

Last time I was on there were more than 1 person to a continent... lol. Not tons, but more. I hear player activity has gone down because of GW2 and lack of new content, but the player loyalty is surprising (of lack there of).

Anyways, anyone still playing or thinking of going back? I'm not far, but not new to it either. Preferring new players (it won't be been here done than for them), but any replies welcome.

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Old Dec 10, 2015, 04:29 AM // 04:29   #2
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i am! :P

Remember play on american districts thats where players are!

Nowadays most of the player base seems be european tho playing european peak times too. You will find alot ppl in kamadan and towns with zaishen bounties too!

Ton of ppl still play but the pugging etc is rather gone, you need to get urself a guild and ull find company to play with

Also i see new and old players coming and going all the time, soon during wintersday im sure alot returning again as allways

Hopefully it helps!

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Old Dec 10, 2015, 06:09 AM // 06:09   #3
are we there yet?
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I'm STILL playing almost daily....and have been for more than 10 years now. Got a bunch of accounts and still working on tons of stuff with each.....I see loads of folks playing (not just in spamdan either)...and lots of new people too.
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Old Dec 10, 2015, 07:35 AM // 07:35   #4
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I doubt that most of the playing base is European. Tons of Americans are playing. And new people keep coming aboard. Yeah not like 8 to 10 years ago of course. But that also means the annoying troll types who made civilized convos in outposts impossible are mainly also gone. At least in PvE where I play. So I'll take that over more people around.

Since the advent of the 7 heroes in a party allowed upgrade many people tend to play alone now. I know I do. I use the chat with in-game friends as we do our things and on occasion, if one or us needs help, then we get together.

Anyway because of that people don't hang around in outposts trying to form up PUGs anymore. Thus the ghost town look in places other than Kamadan and a few other places. (With Wintersday around the corner The Eye of the North outpost should be packed with people running Snowball Domination and Lion's Arch gets a bit more busy too).

But if you want to play with real people the best way is join any of the many many many active guilds. Start in Kamadan and ask around about guilds there and follow tips if not invites. Guild hop around until you find one that fits you best. Also adding people to your Friends List is a "virtual guild" in and of itself.
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Old Dec 11, 2015, 12:55 AM // 00:55   #5
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i log in everyday, lately i ahve days of no playing, just chatting, and if no chats going on, i log off, but also days i do some stuff, sometimes even a lot

soon i'll be trying to get (for 1000th times) the mini polar bear, as the quest "strength of snow" is doable with a rit.... i suck at running
i was even gonna do something for fun, which is giving all my chars (except perma pre) 1 wintergreen weapon, but the prices are too high for me

other than that, i'll play my chars using some water magic spells to fit in the wintersday theme.... for fun
and i'll do the quests on istan with snowman henchies, also for fun

so yeah, i'm on a lot, and when i'm doing stuff with someone i have contact with in GW, i do more than normally, like dungeons on HM (she's good at that), and may do some vqs with her help (still need some cantha and elona ones)

i also try a lot of weird builds, either for fun or to see how skills work together

GW is small if you have done all standard things (dungeons and such) there are once, but you can make so many goals just to keep enjoying yourself in GW
and i havent even seen 1 (non monthly fees, i wont pay more than once for a game, unless its extra's, and even if i wanted, i cant) other MMORPG which gives that much to do

not even counting the skins you can collect (like i do rragar once in a while, hoping for dryad bow, as i would love to have that one.... not for sale )
oh and sometimes do sidequests on HM, even wintersday quests on HM on my main

90% of the stuff i do, is for fun, not for showing off, but to have with my own way

i'm here for more than 10 years now, i started in 2005, somewhere in september, never quit for longer than 3 weeks.... yeah, once

anyway, have fun in GW (again)
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Old Dec 12, 2015, 09:33 PM // 21:33   #6
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My Experience is that there are a fair number for returning players just now; At least half my guild is now players that left for a year or more. If your looking to PUG, your best chance for meeting people is Generally the ZB outpost. ZBs and ZMs generate the most social activity. HM is pretty much de rigueur so plan accordingly Mes, Necro, and Healers are in demand Physicals get by Eles not so much. Rits are of course, vastly powerful; and also popular so if you don't want to or don't mind competing to be the teams SoS, plan accordingly.

Then again a fair number of groups form with no attention to team balance. GL and Happy Hunting BB.

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